Buildings Timeline

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Original Use Year of Completion   Present Use of the Building
St. Gertrude Hall 1899 Present uses of Gertrude Hall, 2003:
   Basement: Dining Rooms      Dining Rooms
   1st floor: Physics/Chemistry, Dean,      President, Provost and Dean,
   academic dean, registrar, business office      Academic Assessment
   2nd floor: Faculty offices and classrooms      Institutional Advancement
       One classroom
   3rd floor: Dormitories      Faculty offices and classrooms
   4th floor: Dormitories      Faculty offices and classrooms
St. Teresa Hall 1913-1914 Renovation in 1988-1989:
   Basement: Gym and Canteen      Marketing and Communication,
       Physical Plant & Facilities Office
   1st floor: Library & Art Dept.      Teresa Reception Center
   2nd floor: Study Hall/theater      Business Office
   3rd floor: Student Residence      Offices for Teachers
   4th floor: Student Residence      Offices for Teachers
Note: Until 1956 Teresa and Gertrude were the only buildings of the college
 Sacred Heart Chapel 1913
Mary Hall Commons 1956  
   Aurora Hall 1956  
   Regina Hall 1963  
   Corona Hall 1969  
The 2nd gym 1961 n.b. new gym in Phy. Ed. building
    used until 1985 and in 1996-97,
    was named Murray Hall as part of
    Haehn Center for Campus Ministry,
    and Student Leadership
Benedicta Art Center 1964 Renovation began in Summer 2005. Additions include a black box amphlitheater, a refreshment booth, a dance studio, a music rehearsal hall, a courtyard garden, and a new box office.
Idzerda House 1968 Built by Dr. Davidson in 1964; it became Pres. Home from 1968 to 1996 and then used as Student Residence.
Trailers  1971 Brought on campus in 1971; temporary housing until East Apartments were completed in 1975. 
West Apartments: 1971-1972  
   Sr. Irma Schumacher (Latin)    
   S. Enid Smith (Philosophy)    
   Sr. Rogatia Sohler (Chemistry)    
   Sr. Mariella Gable (English)    
   Sr. Incarnata Girgen (Education)    
   S. Remberta Westkaemper (Biology)    
   Borgerding Hall (Part of West Apts) 1980  
   S. Dominca Borgerding
   (Theater and Elocution)
Horse Barn and Hay Storage 1972 Horsemanship Program closed in 1982; building used for dances & broom ball between 1982-1996. The building was demolished in 1996 and a parking lot took its place.
Henrita Hall and Richarda Hall
[used by College since 1973, at which time the former was named the Henrita Academic Building or HAB]
Ownership transferred to CSB in 1996
1961 & 1973 Henrita was built as a high school and Richarda as a dormitory for high school students in 1961. The College started using Henrita for classrooms and Richarda for residence and faculty offices in 1973, when the high school closed. In 1986 a wing was added to house an additional 50 students. From 1992-2011, girls from Saint John’s Prep School resided in Richarda, which is also used for faculty offices. During the summer of 2011, Richarda was renovated to offices for the History Department.
Swimming Pool 1973  
Student Campus Center/Academic Services Building
    [housed a bookstore and café]
1974 When Haehn Center and bookstore were completed in 1996, this building was renovated into Academic Services in the year 2000.
East Apartments: 1975-76 The original Luetmer apartments were demolished and a new 3-story apartment building replaced it in 2001.
   S. Alfred Zierden (German)    
   S. Magna Wirth (Physics)    
   S. Grace McDonald (History)    
   S. Nora Luetmer (Education)

Evin Hall 1981 Rented from Monastery until 1994.
Claire Lynch Gymnasium 1985 became part of HCC in 1996
Clemens Library 1986 (The Main Building library was then renovated into Teresa Reception Center in 1988/89.) Renovated in Summer 2001 to incorporate the Clemens Computing Center and in 2007 to link to the new Gorecki Dining and Conference Center; interior renovations, including new carpeting and paint, in Summer 2013.
Margretta Hall residence for sophomores 1988  
   S. Margretta Nathe (German)    
Ardolf Science Center 1992  ASC housed the Chemistry, Nutrition, and Dietetics Departments.
Lottie Hall 1994 Basement level renovated in 2012 to incorporate Information Technology Services.
Lottie Ardolf Boulevard Entrance 1994
Haehn Campus Center 1995 Lower level: conference rooms, field house and fitness centers
Main floor: Lobby, Alumnae Hall, O’Connell’s, McGlynn’s
connected to Clare Lynch Gym and the Pool
Brian Hall  1996



New Book Store and the Grace Donovan Center for Student Development 1998-1999 Located on first and second level of new section in Mary Hall Commons. Dedicated on April 9, 2000.
Renner House 2005 Built as a residence for President MaryAnn Baenninger and future presidents.
Gorecki Dining and Conference Center 2007
Health Center 2009 Located in Lottie Hall Basement.
 IT Services 2012 Located in Lottie Hall Basement.
Centennial Commons  2012 Located on the corner of Calloway Street and College Avenue. Built as an upper-class residence.
College Avenue Athletic Fields 2017 The central building was re-named in honor of Lois Wedl, OSB, in September 2021.
Schoenecker Commons 2018