Career Development

Saint Ben's Students practice career-building skills at the Securian Network Reception and Internship Fair

Getting Started

No matter where you are in your career development process, XPD is here to help. This section can help you start to answer the questions “Who am I?”, “What do I want to be?” and “What kind of impact do I want to make in the world?”

Choosing a Major 

Exploring Careers 

Who Am I? 

Application Tools:

Cover Letters 

Interviewing Skills 


Planning for after Graduation 

Gaining Skills and Experience

Gaining hands-on experience beyond the classroom is crucial for your career and professional development. It provides opportunities to explore interests and build skills for your future.

Experiential Planner 


Internships and Experience-based Programming 


Planning for After Graduation

CSB+SJU graduates find success in many areas after graduation, including jobs, graduate school, and volunteer programs. XPD can help you explore your options and create a strategy for after graduation.

Graduate School 

Job Search 

Volunteer after Graduation Programs