Student Outcomes

Great Results. Our graduates have them.

Think of Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s as a gateway to not only your first job, but a lifetime of career success. As a student, you’ll have access to all kinds of resources to help you achieve your post-college goals. Our Experience and Professional Development department works with you one-on-one to assist with everything from resume writing to connecting you with the best potential employers or graduate programs.

Equally impressive, the strength of the CSB and SJU alum network is a resource for life. Alums frequently report CSB and SJU connections helped them get hired, promoted or switch careers.

Compare Four-year Graduation Rates

A college’s “four-year graduation rate” is the percent of first-year students that graduates four years later – and that rate accounts for students who transfer out or drop out of the college. At CSB+SJU, that rate is 75 percent. However, “students who graduate in four years” is a different number; it is the percent of graduates that completed a degree in four years (not counting students who leave the college prior to graduation). At CSB+SJU, that graduation rate is 90 percent.

College/UniversityPercent of Graduates

Why does this matter?

The likelihood of graduating in four years from many colleges has become so remote that colleges routinely report their graduation rate as the percent of students that graduate in six years. It’s easy to take a college’s annual cost and multiply it by four, but unfortunately, that number is increasingly wrong.

CSB+SJU stands in stark contrast. Our commitment to student success ensures most CSB+SJU students get their cap and gown in four years. That means the potential for less debt and the chance to start a career or attend graduate school while peers at other colleges are still paying for their education.

Now hiring Bennies and Johnnies


of the class of 2019 were employed, continuing their education or engaged in a fulltime volunteer program within one year of graduation.

Students Who Graduate in Four Years:


90% of CSB+SJU graduates finish in four years.

Alum Achievements

Many alums and their achievements

The career and life successes of our alums are strong evidence of the strength of a CSB and SJU education and the power of a liberal arts degree.