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Listen and attend with the ear of your heart.
Listen and attend with the ear of your heart.
- Saint Benedict

Welcome to one of the most respected graduate programs in theology in North America, offered in one of the most inspiring, contemplative locations on earth.

There is no other place like it.

We are here to inspire God’s people to seek truth, pursue wisdom and serve others together. We invite you to join us in discernment, growth, learning and prayer.



    Caleb Kormann's reflection on Micah

    The final word over our lives is the enfleshed Word. To borrow a line, it is this final word of mercy that “stirs tigers in our blood and sets our feet to dancing”. In this final Word you and I have been forgiven; you and I are loved.



    Jessie Bazan Lunch and Learn: Being Benedictine Across Generation

    How do people of different generations embody Benedictine spirituality?

    Faculty sabbatical research empowers good scholarship, good teaching

    Dr. Kristin Colberg reflects on sabbatical research and it's importance to good scholarship

    Father Columba Stewart presents Phi Beta Kappa Lecture

    Saint John’s University’s very own Fr. Columba Stewart, OSB kicked off his series of lectures as Phi Beta Kappa’s 2019-2020 Visiting Scholar on Wednesday, September 11th in Saint John’s Alcuin library.

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