Integrations Curriculum

Here For the Wicked Questions

They’re the world’s biggest questions. The ones that few ask because they feel impossible to answer. A wicked question highlights two apparently contradictory goals, both of which must be kept in balance in order to make progress on the challenge at hand.

“How do we solve climate change while maintaining financial stability for big industries?”

“How do we stop the flow of misinformation while respecting the right of free speech?”

It will take big, creative thinking and innovation to answer these questions. And it will require people from seemingly unrelated fields to blend their ideas. That’s the heart of the Integrations Curriculum – empowering you to think in broader, more collaborative, more original ways. Empowering you to ask and answer wicked questions.

Through the Integrations Curriculum, you’ll learn how to make connections between your academic coursework, your campus life experiences and your own life and the world around you. Integrated learning – the ability to see relationships among the arts, the sciences and the humanities – is a valuable, real-life skill that makes CSB/SJU graduates highly sought-after by employers and the nation’s top graduate programs.

The Integrations Curriculum is yours. You will get an education that builds on the skills and experiences you bring with you to CSB/SJU while exposing you to new topics, new perspectives and career possibilities you may not even know exist. You’ll have a top-tier academic experience and be prepared for a rapidly changing world.

Wicked questions naturally come with that changing world – expect to see Bennies and Johnnies leading the work for answers.

But You’re Also a Lot More:

  • You’re a future professional who will probably have multiple careers. Some of those career paths may not even exist yet.
  •  You’re a member of many different communities, on campus and beyond.
  •   You’re an individual with your own unique education, experiences, relationships and aspirations.

Database of All Approved Integrations Courses

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