Upon completion of the Integrations Curriculum, students will have advanced adeptness in 12 skill areas highly valued in all career fields.

Analyzing Texts
Elicit and construct meaning from texts.

Interact effectively in a group while incorporating diverse perspectives.

Common Good
Develop a conception of a moral life that incorporates concern for the common good.

Examine the social construction of gender and related individual and systemic inequities.

Information Literacy
Identify, evaluate and responsibly use information.

Optimize one’s own thinking and learning processes.

Quantitative Reasoning
Solve quantitative problems and develop and communicate arguments supported by quantitative evidence.

Race and Ethnicity
Examine the social construction of race and ethnicity and resulting inequities.

Religious Engagement
Analyze religious engagement with society.

Construct ideas, opinions and information in appropriate oral forms.

Theological Reasoning
Think critically about sources, doctrines, and themes of the Christian tradition.

Construct ideas, opinions and information in appropriate written forms.

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Integrated ePortfolio

Students will fill their Integrated ePortfolio with artifacts of their time at CSB and SJU. Artifacts can be anything but will likely include papers, engagement prompts, projects, presentations, research summaries and performances. This ePortfolio will then serve as an academic resume for the student’s use after graduation – reflecting the skills and experiences they received through the Integrations Curriculum.

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