You’re Welcome Here

The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University is part of a global community of more than 100 students from all over the world. Some have never been to the United States before, and others have traveled here to reacquaint themselves with how great Minnesota can be. We invite you to learn more about our unique educational experience!

International students pose for a candid photo after enjoying a beautiful day outside.

International Student Experience

Students from everywhere contribute to our diverse atmosphere. Through engagement and participation on our campuses, they enhance the cultural experience for every student at CSB and SJU.

A Premier Liberal Arts Education

CSB and SJU are two of America’s top-ranked residential liberal arts institutions. This is a fantastic place to get a quality education.

Quaint Charm Meets Urban Proximity in Collegeville & St. Joseph

While close to the amenities of metropolitan areas, the towns of Collegeville and St. Joseph are small, safe, and easy to navigate.

Empowering Diversity with Dedicated Staff & Resources

Dedicated staff and resources like our Multicultural Student Services office and the bright, active Multicultural Center are here for you.

Diverse Campus Community Welcomes Students Worldwide

These campuses are home each year to students from countries like The Bahamas, Brazil, China, Japan, Columbia, Rwanda, Poland, Ethiopia, Vietnam…you’re not alone here!

International Student Application Checklist

International students must meet different and additional requirements to apply for a U.S.-based education at CSB and SJU. Use this checklist to navigate that process.

Application for Admission and Scholarships

International students may apply for admission online using either the Common Application or the CSB+SJU Application. Students will be automatically considered for an International Student Scholarship by applying for admission and submitting the International Student Financial Aid Application.

Official Academic Records/Transcripts

Choose one option for submission:

High School Students: Submit an official high school transcript and official transcripts from any post secondary institution from which you are receiving college credits.

Transfer Students: Submit official transcripts from the post secondary institution(s) you have attended AND an official high school transcript.

English Proficiency Assessment (TOEFL, IELTS, DET, or PTE Academic)

The TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo English Test (DET), PTE Academic or other approved test of English language ability, is required for all international applicants whose primary language of instruction throughout secondary school is not English. The TOEFL code for CSB is 6104; for SJU it is 6624.

For instructions on how to have your test scores sent to CSB+SJU, go to the following websites:

Financial Information

The International Student Financial Aid Application is required for admission and International Student Scholarship and Student Employment consideration. And the Certification of Finances form (along with a bank or income statement) will be required if a student is accepted and intends to enroll. This form must show that “sufficient funding” is available to cover remaining costs after factoring in the CSB+SJU International Student Scholarship. This information is needed for schools to issue a SEVIS I-20 form which students need to apply for an U.S. F1 student visa.

Teacher Evaluation

The evaluation should be from a teacher from one of your core academic courses (English, math, science, or social science). Only one evaluation is required, but you may submit more than one.

Choose one option for submission:

Writing Sample/Essay

The writing sample/essay is optional but if you submit one it will give the Admission Committee an opportunity to learn about you as a person and to give an example of your writing abilities.

SAT or ACT Scores

The SAT or ACT scores are recommended but not required. The SAT school code for CSB is 6104; for SJU it is 6624. The ACT school code for CSB is 2094; for SJU it is 2146.

Costs and International Student Scholarships for 2024-2025

Unlike most things, the initial sticker price of college in the United States isn’t your final cost. Ultimately, what you pay will vary depending on scholarships and potential Student Employment opportunities.

College of Saint BenedictSaint John’s University
Tuition and Fees$55,756$55,816
Food and Housing (double room)$12,550$12,430
Estimated book costs for the year$1,000$1,000
Health Insurance$2,000$3,000


  • The costs for tuition, fees, room and meals will increase between 3-4% each year.
  • These figures do not include travel or summer living expenses.


Scholarships for international students are available and range up to $34,000 per year (4 year renewable scholarships). Students apply for scholarships by applying for admission.

Scholarships are renewable and available for up to a total of 4 years as long as the student is making satisfactory academic progress. Scholarships are renewed at the same level from year to year even though costs will increase each year.

Student Employment

Many international students are awarded a Student Employment opportunity as part of their scholarship/financial aid package. This program is designed to provide financial assistance to students through employment on campus. Student employment fosters leadership development, transferable life skills, and personal/career development. A student can typically eaern up to $4,000 in a school year (approximately 10-12 hours of work per week during the academic year).

Scholarships are renewable and available for up to a total of 4 years as long as the student is making satisfactory academic progress. Scholarships are renewed at the same level from year to year even though costs will increase each year.