CSB Security

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The CSB Security Office is located in Mary Commons. The department functions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be reached by dialing 5000 from any campus phone, or at 320-363-5000. The department is staffed with a full-time director of security as well as seven full-time, two part-time and approximately 15-20 student officers and office workers. Officers are trained to handle traffic, parking assistance, ticketing, patrol, building security and special events. Their primary duties are to deter, detect and report incidents and threats to persons and property of the College of Saint Benedict and Saint Benedict’s Monastery.

Security Services

The responsibility for safety in our community lies with all of us. The CSB Security Office can best serve you if you’re aware of and familiar with our services. Review tips and best practices for personal safety using the link below. With your active involvement in your safety and the safety of your neighbors, the College of Saint Benedict will remain a safe community.

Safety Practices

It is important to be aware that the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University have a limited number of parking spaces available on campus. Unfortunately, it’s rarely a matter of simply finding the empty spot closest to your destination. For that reason, parking is fairly structured, organized and regulated on both campuses, in order to manage demand. Together though, with Benedictine hospitality and grace, we can all find our way and park in peace.

Parking Information