Traditions at CSB+SJU

Bennie and Johnnie

College of Saint Benedict students are Bennies, and Saint John’s University students are Johnnies. These monikers are a source of lifelong pride that students and alums carry.


CSB+SJU students win on and off the field. Our teams have a strong history of winning conference titles and competing for national championships. Leadership training and community involvement are also critical components of our athletic programs.

Senior Events and Formal

Seniors and their parents enjoy dinner together and dance late into the night each spring. It’s hard to say who has more fun!

Candle-Lighting Ceremonies

CSB’s candle-lighting ceremonies bring to life Saint Ben’s motto, “Let your light shine,” and mark the first and last dinner Bennies share together as a class. This tradition even happens every year at Reunion, honoring Bennie alumnae who continue to let their lights shine in the world.

Festival of Cultures

The annual Festival of Cultures celebrates and recognizes cultural diversity at CSB+SJU through student performances, food sampling, and a fashion show. Some of the cultures regularly represented include The Bahamas, Ireland, China, Ethiopia, Japan, Poland, Native American nations, and Mexico.

Fruit at the Finish Triathlon

The name says it all. Fruit-at-the-Finish Triathlon is a springtime tradition that promotes physical/mental health, friendly competition … and funny fruit puns. “PrePEAR to Win: Pearsistance Is Key” and “Rind Over Matter” are a few fruity themes from recent years.

Holiday Dinners

Before students leave for holiday breaks, CSB and SJU host our own Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Students dress up for these family-style feasts and enjoy traditions like turkey carving and a chocolate fountain.

Christmas Tree Lighting

Annual Christmas tree lighting ceremonies at Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s kick off the holiday season. Students and community members gather for seasonal programming, hot chocolate, and all the joy and Christmas spirit that comes with seeing a Christmas tree light up for the first time.

Hot Bread Night

Let the aroma of freshly baked Johnnie Bread lure you to Hot Bread Night. Johnnies can enjoy a study break with their floor mates while deciding which tasty toppings to spread on their bread.

Maple Syrup Festival

Maple syruping has been a tradition at Saint John’s since the 1940s. The end of the syrup tapping season is marked by a festival, which includes horse-drawn wagon rides, syrup sundaes, local music and a chance for everyone to participate in tree tapping.