Sophomore Dormitories

Margretta, Lottie & Brian

Margretta Hall

Margretta Hall, 1988 (left); Dorm, 1988 (middle), and 2007 (right) (click thumbnail for larger image)

The first of the sophomore dorms to be built was Margretta Hall. Not only was there a great need for additional housing, but also as a place for summer conference participants. The building of a new dormitory would provide a more sophisticated environment than what was previously offered for the participants. The contracting firm for the job was Grooters & Associates. The design for the new dorm was mirrored closely by the architecture of the Clemens Library, with input from the students. The final design was dictated by the need for community interaction and the Benedictine aesthetic of beauty and simplicity. Construction began on March 7, of 1988 and was completed in August that same year. The final cost for Margretta Hall was $2.3 million. The new dormitory was built with three floors, able to hold 158 students. With the building of Margretta, it eliminated the need for Teresa Hall dormitory in the Main building. Teresa Hall was then renovated into faculty offices.

Margretta Hall was dedicated to Sr. Margretta Nathe, who is credited with starting the overseas program and also the Foreign Language program at the St. Joe Lab School. Sr. Margretta taught many diverse subjects at the College, including Chaucer, German and Ethics. She was chosen for her involvement in student development.

Lottie Hall, ca 1994, 2007, and 2004 (click thumbnail for larger image)

In 1994 the second sophomore dormitory was built, Lottie Hall. The construction of this building was completely financed by Frank J Ardolf, Jr., who dedicated it to his late wife, Lottie Ardolf. Lottie houses 248 students in either single, double or four to six person suites. The dormitory has three floors and each has a certain theme which is demonstrated in structural design and furniture pieces.

In September of 1994, 175 alumnae and students attended the dedication of Lottie Hall. President, Sr. Colman O’Connell and Frank J Ardolf spoke at the dedication.

In 2009, a student health service was established on the ground level of Lottie Hall. To learn more, click on this link to view a powerpoint of the history of Campus Health Centers.

In 2011, preparations were made to move Information Technology operations from SJU to Lottie Hall.  In the summer of 2012, IT Services officially moved into their newly built space in the basement of Lottie Hall, next to the Health Center.

Brian Hall, 2007; and Sunrise Lounge, undated (click thumbnail for larger image)

The last of the sophomore dormitories was completed in 1996.  The College, again, was experiencing overflow and needed housing space.  The groundbreaking ceremony took place in April of 1996.  After its completion in the fall, the new dormitory was named Brian Hall, after Brian Spain, OSB.  S. Brian Spain was chosen for her involvement with the personal development of the students for many years.  Brian Hall can house 123 students.

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