Bias and Hate Reporting

CSB and SJU believe that an excellent liberal arts education requires cultural competence and an ability to live and work in ways where all feel valued and respected. To that end, we are dedicated to cultivating an equitable, inclusive, and just community grounded in the Benedictine value that all persons inherently deserve respect and dignity.

As Benedictine institutions, the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University are committed to creating and maintaining an environment in which all members and guests of the CSB and SJU community are treated with respect and dignity, free from bias and harassment. Faculty, staff, and students are together responsible for maintaining an educational and working environment that is consistent with our institutional values. If you have experienced or witnessed a bias or hate incident, we want to address the incident and provide you with resources.

While not always easy to recognize, bias can be present in the classroom, workplace, and media, and often stems from fear, misunderstanding, stereotypes, and hatred. Even when offenders are not aware (unconscious bias) or do not intend to offend, bias may be revealed that is worthy of a response and can serve as an opportunity for education. Regardless of whether the behavior violates policy, they are antithetical to our values of honoring the full dignity of each person and promoting justice and the common good.

This Toolkit is intended to:

  1. Inform the campus community about the procedures in place to address bias incidents and how to report these incidents.
  2. Provide information on the methods of communication regarding bias incidents and the actions that CSB/SJU will follow.
  3. Identify campus resources that provide care and support for community members who have been affected.

Bias Response Prevention Team

  1. Sandra Mitchell, Senior Diversity Officer
  2. Mary Geller, Associate Provost for Student Success
  3. Chantel Braegelmann, Senior Human Resources Partner
  4. Pam Bacon, Dean of Faculty
  5. Amanda Erdman, SJU Dean of Students
  6. Jody Terhar, CSB Dean of Students
  7. Cheryl Stanton, General Counsel

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I report anonymously?

Yes, you can report anonymously using the reporting feature on this page by leaving the “name,” “phone” and “email” fields blank. However, understand that reporting anonymously will limit our ability to respond and provide resources and support. Anonymous reports often contain insufficient information to fully investigate and respond.

If you make an anonymous report, please provide as much detail as possible, including the location of the incident, a detailed description of what occurred, and information about groups or individuals who have been negatively impacted.

Please note that if you make an anonymous report using this form, CSB and SJU will not be able to respond directly to you but will assess the information submitted and consider appropriate next steps. CSB and SJU are limited in steps it can take in the absence of a reporting party.

Can I report in person, or do I have to use this form?

You can use this form or report a bias incident in person to any of the following offices:

Senior Diversity Officer

Sandra Mitchell
CSB Upper Mary Commons 205
SJU Quad  142

Associate Provost for Student Success

Mary Geller
[email protected]
SJU Sexton 122

CSB Dean of Students
Jody Terhaar
[email protected]

SJU Dean of Students

SJU Sexton 122

CSB Security
CSB Mary Commons
[email protected]

SJU Life Safety
St. Thomas Hall Basement
[email protected]

Human Resources
CSB Schoenecker Commons
SJU Quad 127

Can I use this form to report a hate crime?

A hate crime is criminal conduct against a person or property motivated in whole or part by bias. Hate crimes violate CSB and SJU policy and the law. A hate crime is a severe form of a bias incident.

Students, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to call Security, Life Safety, or law enforcement immediately if they become aware of a possible hate crime, to ensure an immediate response. This form may be completed as a follow-up.

How does CSB and SJU respond to reports?

The response will vary depending on the particular facts and circumstances. With all non-anonymous reports, the Senior Diversity Officer or designee and the Associate Provost for Student Success or designee will reach out to reporters to offer support and resources. Other responses may include investigation by CSB and SJU, referral to the student conduct process, disciplinary action for employees, education/training for involved CSB and SJU community members, education/training for the community, and/or restorative justice. CSB and SJU will address bias incidents in accordance with all applicable university policies.

In cases where a student or employee is found responsible for violating CSB and SJU policy, the sanctions will vary based on the facts and circumstances and may range from a formal warning to suspension or expulsion. In determining sanctions, CSB and SJU consider a number of factors, including the nature of the conduct, the intent of the person who engaged in the conduct, and the impact of the conduct on individual(s) and the community. In a case in which the conduct is considered a hate crime for purposes of Clery Act reporting, the minimum sanction is suspension. In situations where conduct by a student or employee does not violate CSB and SJU policy but has caused harm, the schools will respond through educational and/or restorative approaches.

What can I expect after I submit a report?

The Senior Diversity Officer, Associate Provost of Student Success or someone from their office and/or relevant unit will reach out to student reporters who are identified. Our goal is to better understand the incident, ensure that resources and support are offered, and determine the appropriate resolution options. Reporters can generally expect a response to their report within one business day. If you need a more immediate response, please call Security or Life Safety.

If you make an anonymous report using this form, CSB and SJU will not be able to respond directly to you but will assess the information submitted and consider appropriate next steps. CSB and SJU are limited in steps it can take in the absence of a reporting party.

What if I am not sure it is a bias incident?

If you believe that you or someone else has been adversely affected by a bias incident, make a report. Don’t worry if you are not sure whether it meets a definition. CSB and SJU will consider the facts and circumstances to determine an appropriate response and can offer support resources regardless.

What is a bias incident?

A bias incident is any unwelcome conduct that has a negative impact on an individual or group and that one could reasonably conclude is based on an actual or perceived protected characteristic, regardless of whether the conduct is unlawful or violates policy.

Examples of bias-related incidents include, but are not limited to, any of the following when based on protected characteristic:

  • degrading language, slurs, epithets,
  • permanent or temporary graffiti, vandalism,
  • intimidation,
  • posters with language or symbols linked to hate groups,
  • discrimination, harassment, or assault

This definition of bias incident is used for reporting purposes only. Bias incidents vary in degree. Some bias incidents rise to the level of hate crime, harassment, or other policy violation. Other bias incidents do not rise to that level but still have adverse effects on our community members.

What is a protected characteristic?

A protected characteristic means race, religion, creed, color, national origin, citizenship, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, age, marital status, disability, veteran status, familial status, genetic information, status with respect to public assistance, or any other legally protected characteristic.

Who can make a report?

Anyone can make a report – the target of a bias incident, a friend, or a witness.

Who receives reports of bias incidents?

If you use this form to report a bias incident, the following individuals will receive the report:

  • Associate Provost for Student Success
  • Senior Diversity Officer

These individuals will assess the report and share the report as needed with other relevant employees to ensure appropriate and consistent response. For example, for incidents that take place in the classroom, the department chair and/or dean of the school or college may be notified.

Why should I report a bias incident?

The primary purpose of the reporting system is to connect the reporter or target of a bias incident with support and resources. In addition, CSB and SJU will use information from the reporting system to track incidents of bias, to initiate investigations of potential policy violations and help determine areas for growth in our community.

Bias Incident Response and Prevention Team

The purpose of the Bias Response and Prevention Team is to support the Institutions’ efforts to maintain an inclusive campus climate by establishing a mechanism by which it responds to bias incidents. The Bias Response and Prevention Team is not a mechanism for investigative or disciplinary action. However, it enables the Institutions to track bias incidents, collect aggregate data, identify educational responses, and connect individuals affected by bias incidents with supportive resources.

The Bias Incident Response and Prevention Team is made up of members of our community who are committed to supporting affected individuals, helping prevent future occurrences from happening, and creating a more inclusive, welcoming campus for all. The team does not replace any of the current procedures and protocols in place to resolve alleged violations of policies regarding student conduct, discrimination, sexual misconduct, or violations of criminal law.  Likewise, the team does not seek to limit academic freedom, but rather, to foster a campus community where students, faculty and staff of all identities feel welcomed and supported. Rather, the team seeks to ensure that there is a more streamlined and effective process for handling hate-bias incidents, including providing support to impacted parties.

The goals of the Bias Response and Prevention Team are to:

The following administrators are on the Bias Incident Response Team:

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Contact Student Development

Associate Provost for Student Success

CSB ASB 009 – 320-363-5601
SJU Sexton 124 – 320-363-2737
[email protected]

CSB Dean of Students

ASB 008 – 320-363-5601
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SJU Dean of Students

Sexton 127 – 320-363-2737

Contact Human Resources

College of Saint Benedict

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CSB Campus Security

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