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Campus Ministry of the College of Saint Benedict is steeped in the Catholic tradition and inspired by Gospel and Benedictine Values.

We are called to empower leaders for the future and facilitate transformation through retreats, companion mentorship, prayer and worship, education and service projects. 

We engage in respectful dialogue among people of different faith traditions promoting understanding and an inclusive community. 

True to the mission of the Sisters of St. Benedict, our founders, we offer programs that focus on women's growth and spirituality.

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As the Bell Tolls - 17 Minutes of Prayer and Intentions to End Gun Violence

March 14, 2018

Christian Prayer

Christ, you wept over a city. We are in deepest despair.

As we weep over the dead and injured killed by guns, in anguish, we recognize the blood stains of hatred. We hear the sounds of fear, the echoes of gunshots — once again, once again.

Christ, you came to bring us peace. We turn to you in overwhelming sorrow. How can we end this nightmare of violence?

How can we build a world of inclusion, of solidarity? Give us the grace to reflect deeply and to work ceaselessly to heal the hearts; to stop the guns; to cherish all God’s children.

Christ, you endured violent suffering to bring us light. We pray for the dead, may they rest in peace. We pray for the wounded, may they find healing.

We pray for our nation, may we end the hate. We pray for our global family, may we learn we are one.


Ojibwe Healing Prayer


Sacred one,

Teach us love, compassion, and honor.

That we may heal the earth

And heal each other.

Buddhist prayer from U.N. Day of Prayer for World Peace

May all beings everywhere plagued with sufferings of body and mind quickly be freed from their illnesses.

May those frightened cease to be afraid, and may those bound be free.

  1. For the seventeen victims of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on February 14th, 2018.
  2. For the families of the victims: that they may find peace, healing, and hope for a better future.
  3. For the survivors: that they, too, may find peace, healing and hope, and their lives may be filled with love, meaning, and fire to move forward and make a difference.
  4. For teachers across the United States: that they may rise up to meet the needs of their students and face the challenges of all that is being imposed upon them in these trying times.
  5. For all victims of gun violence: that, for them, we take steps toward peace.
  6. For first responders, law enforcement and security professionals: that they might have peace of heart and mind and the courage to act justly in all situations.
  7. For an end to gun violence: that we might cultivate a culture of love and respect for life.
  8. For the safety of students in all learning environments: that we may create an environment in which students feel secure enough to dedicate themselves to their studies and personal growth.
  9. For all of those in fear: that hope will allow us to persevere.
  10. For the acknowledgement of mental health issues in our youth: that we might address problems early and appropriately.
  11. For all of those suffering from mental illness: that they find support and healing.
  12. For eyes to be open to the reality of gun violence: that all of us in the nation and across the world recognize that we can do better.
  13. For our country’s leaders, and those running for and discerning leadership roles: that they listen with an intent heart to the pain caused by violence.
  14. For open and productive dialogue: that it may bridge the gap so a resolution to this issue can be agreed upon.
  15. For advocacy and action: that we might all go into the world and actively work for justice for victims of gun violence.
  16. For a change in our culture of violence: that peace becomes a reality.
  17. For a sense of fraternity, community and unity in light of violence and tragedy: That all across the nation we may join together.