Interfaith Leadership Team (ILT)

What is ILT?

The Interfaith Leadership Team at CSB Campus Ministry is a group of students passionate about celebrating religious diversity on our campus and in our world by fostering inclusive dialogue with students from all faith backgrounds. We seek to learn more about ourselves and others through education, dialogue, and service. We invite students from all religious and faith traditions to join us as we seek to learn more about the ways in which our spirituality impacts our identity, and how we draw strength from our similarities and differences to create a better world for all people.

Here are some of the ministries we provide:

Bennie Bread Night

+Bennie Bread Night is an intentional community building event where Bennies are invited to take a, evening study break, monthly, in one of the residence halls. We provide sliced Bennie Bread and butter.

Bridge Night

+Bridge Night is an evening of interfaith conversation surrounding personal experiences on different provided themes.

Meet and Greets with Local Spiritual Leaders

+Meet and Greets provide students opportunities to meet and have discussions with local spiritual leaders on campus.

Tell Me More…

+Tell Me More events are panel discussions about different topics regarding the practices of personal faith and religious traditions on campus.