Student Accessibility Services

Getting Started with Student Accessibility Services

STEP 1: Begin by completing our online application:

Our online application can be found at the following link: Please click "Online Intake" to complete the application. 

STEP 2: Welcome Meeting. To schedule call 320-363-5245.

You will have an opportunity to meet with a member of our professional staff. During the conversation, we will discuss the impact of your condition/disability in the academic and residential settings. Information provided during this meeting will be utilized to determine accommodation eligibility at CSB/SJU. 

STEP 3: Determination of  Accommodation Eligibility

Professional staff will review the information provided during the Welcome Meeting, which may also include supporting documentation, to determine accommodation eligibility. In some circumstances,  these decisions may be made during the Welcome Meeting. However, there are often circumstances in which our team requires additional time and/or information to make determinations. 

STEP 4: Students Provide Accommodation Letters via Clockwork Portal

Students notify their professors of accommodation eligibility by sending accommodation letters within the CSB/SJU Clockwork Portal. Additional steps regarding this process are located on this page, under the column labeled "Accommodations, Requesting Exams and Test Center. 

5/1/2022 - Message to Incoming Students: Welcome to Student Accessibility Services! We are excited to share information about our resources. Student Accessibility Services will be occupied the week of 5/1/22-5/8/22 with final exams and graduation. During this time we will be unable to respond to inquiries for the fall semester. However, we will be ready to work with incoming students beginning on Monday, May 9, 2022.  


Student Accessibility Services collaborates with CSBSJU entities to provide community-wide access for persons with disabilities.

Who We Are

CSB/SJU Student Accessibility Services was created in 2011 as an ongoing measure of support to our student community. Student Accessibility Services is responsible for developing appropriate accommodations for CSB/SJU students with documented disabilities. Academic accommodations are made on an individualized and flexible basis. The primary goal of our office is to ensure that all students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate in both academic and non-academic campus activities.  

For more information or to set up an appointment to discuss accommodations, please contact Student Accessibility Services at 320-363-5245.

Our office is located at the College of Saint Benedict, in Henrita Academic Building room 105.

CSB/SJU Student Accessibility Services
College of St. Benedict
Henrita Academic Building 105
37 S College Ave
St. Joseph, MN 56374