Alumnae Awards

Benedictine Service Award

Honors an alumna who has made a significant impact on those around her for her continued commitment and contributions to community service and social justice at a regional, national or international level. Also demonstrates a commitment to the Benedictine spirit of giving hospitality, love of others, listening and social stewardship.

Decade Award

Honors an alumna who is recognized by her peers as a great role model and leader for younger alumnae because her outstanding career achievements, representing global consciousness and community involvement in her chosen profession.

Distinguished Alumna

Honors an alumna who has distinguished herself for her outstanding achievements in her chosen profession as well as has made a lasting contribution in her field as a role model and leader for all alumnae.

Sister Emmanuel Renner Award

Honors an alumna for her service to the College of Saint Benedict and recognizes her contributions as a leader, steward and volunteer to her alma mater.

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2024 Sigrid Hutchison ’59 S. Emmanuel Renner, OSB Award
Ann Wingert Williams ’84 Distinguished Alumna Award
Janene Jensen Riedeman ’89 Benedictine Service Award
Anika Chowdry ’14 Decade Award 
2023 Janet Setter Dryer ’83 S. Emmanuel Renner, OSB Award
Angela Steward-Randle ’88 Distinguished Alumna Award
Jennifer Coe Fulton ’93 Benedictine Service Award
Kia Lor ’13 Decade Award 
2022 Joana (Turner) Van Deun ’92 S. Emmanuel Renner, OSB Award
Brigid Shea ’77 Distinguished Alumna Award
Giavana Bain Jones ’02 Benedictine Service Award
Jackie Hayden ’12 Decade Award 
2021 Laurie Rivard ’81 S. Emmanuel Renner, OSB Award
Deannna Suilmann ’76 Distinguished Alumna Award
Patricia Schmitt Mische ’61 Benedictine Service Award
Shannon Preston ’11 Decade Award
2020 Kathy Kurvers Henderson ’85 S. Emmanuel Renner, OSB Award
Mary Kramer ’85 Distinguished Alumna Award
Carrie Crook ’95 Benedictine Service Award
Angela Guentzel ’10 Decade Award
2019 Class of 1964 S. Emmanuel Renner, OSB Award
Colleen Corrigan ’94 Distinguished Alumna
Danielle Liebl ’14 Benedictine Service
Andrea Carrow Morsching ’09 Decade Award
2018 Judith Gretsch Schmid ’63 S. Emmanuel Renner, OSB Award
Colette Peters ’93 Distinguished Alumna
Kate Ritger ’03 Benedictine Service
Molly Roske ’08 Decade Award
2017 Telzena Coakley ’62 S. Emmanuel Renner, OSB Award
Jackie Boucher ’87 Distinguished Alumna 
Kimberly Ebert Colella ’82 Benedictine Service 
Megan Peterson Christofield ’07 Decade Award
2016 Debby (Beumer) Bradly ’86  Benedictine Service
Mary Winzenburg Uran ’06 Decade Award
Mary Kay Ketter Carle ’61 Distinguished Alumna
  2015 Lori Helmer ’85 S. Emmanuel Renner, OSB Award
  Denise DeVaan ’75 Distinguished Alumna
  Kristina Seslija ’10 Benedictine Service
  Ellen Hunter Gans ’05 Decade Award
2014 Lynn Newman ’79 S. Emmanuel Renner, OSB Award
Teresa Hess Seifert ’89 Benedictine Service
Ellie Jelsing, M.D. ’04 Decade Award
Colonel Kimberly S. Kuhn ’89 Distinguished Alumna
  2013 Kari Erpelding Bunkers ’83 Distinguished Alumna
  Laura Hauff ’03 Decade Award
  Kenzie Kraemer ’08 Benedictine Service
  Barbara Torberg Melsen ’78 S. Emmanuel Renner, OSB Award
  Betty Schneider ’39 Presidents’ Award
  Mary Kay Braus Hunt ’56 Presidents’ Award
  S. Mara Faulkner ’62 Presidents’ Award
  Joan Strom Riebel ’64 Presidents’ Award
  Judge Elizabeth Hayden ’68 Presidents’ Award
  Diana Lam ’69 Presidents’ Award
  Mary Dombovy ’77 Presidents’ Award
  Judy Forstner Poferl ’82 Presidents’ Award
  Karin Remington ’85 Presidents’ Award
  Irma Mayorga ’88 Presidents’ Award
  Shari Lamecker Rogalski ’89 Presidents’ Award
  Colette Peters ’93 Presidents’ Award
  Glennis Werner Roseboom ’93 Presidents’ Award
  Krista Cleary Carroll ’00 Presidents’ Award
  Welle Family Legacy Award

Maria Hunt O’Phelen, Molly McGlynn Varley, and their 1978 classmates
(Anne Budroe Benda ’78, Jane Regenscheid ’78, Katie Barry Felicelli ’78
Nancy Dunn McDermott ’78, Cathy McKenzie O’Brien ’78, Joan Rahif ’78,
Marie Berendt Speltz ’78)

Circle of Sisters Award
  Bahamian Alumnae Circle of Sisters Award
2012 Denise Vaaler Zapzalka ’92 Distinguished Alumna
Sarah Halverson Jansen ’02 Decade Award
Margaret (Peg) Engleson Palen ’77 Benedictine Service
LeAnne Matthews Stewart ’87 S. Emmanuel Renner, OSB Award
2011 Dr. Linda Bishop Bohn ’71 Distinguished Alumna
Sue Lynch Vento ’76 Benedictine Service
Kristi Kubista Hovis ’01 Decade Award
2010 Karin Remington ’85 Distinguished Alumna
Jacqueline Vanrohea Mycklewhyte ’00 Distinguished Alumna
Mary White Frey ’80 Benedictine Service
Gretchen Adelmann Korf ’00 Decade Award
Laura Kelly Lovdahl ’85 S. Emmanuel Renner, OSB Award
2009 Suzette Sutherland ’84 Distinguished Alumna
Kelly Ann deRosier ’74 Benedictine Service
Amy Christine Hertel ’99 Decade Award
2008 Mary Jo Bauer Ederer ’48 Benedictine Service
Maria Hunt O’Phelan ’78 Distinguished Alumna
Melissa Jordan ’98 Decade Award
2007 Mary Braun Huberty ’67 Benedictine Service
Mary Highes Hynes ’77 Distinguished Alumna
Ronda Weiss ’97 Decade Award
2006 Dr. Michelle Mary Lelwica ’86 Distinguished
Ellen Hodges ’96 Decade Award
Lisa Peterson Moschkau ’81 Benedictine Service
2005 Julie Ann Michels ’85 Distinguished Alumna
Connie Gerads Fournelle ’95  Decade Award
Bernadette Kraemer Stein ’55 Benedictine Service
2004 Lyn Harter Ceronsky ’74 Distinguished Alumna
Jennifer Ellen Nord Mallard ’94 Decade Award
Jennifer Fontaine Modeen ’94 Benedictine Service
2003 Rebecca Jane Miller Jewison ’88 Distinguished Alumna
Bette Jayne Youso Haak ’58 Benedictine Service
Jennifer Muyres Palmer ’93 Benedictine Service
Jennifer Meyer Redman ’93     Decade Award
2002 Eleanor “Georgie” Betting Marquisee ’67 Distinguished Alumna
Jeanne O’Fallon Hynes ’57 Benedictine Service
Lisa Lonneman-Doroff ’92 Benedictine Service
Tricia Anderson Lyngen ’92 Benedictine Service
Marianne Mason ’82 Benedictine Service
Katie Regnier Mortenson ’92 Benedictine Service
Kathleen O’Neill ’77 Benedictine Service
Geri Backes Pettitt ’62 Benedictine Service
Gwen Stende Reiter ’57 Benedictine Service
Kathi Beavers Rivard ’77 Benedictine Service
Ann Ruff ’77 Benedictine Service
Phyllis Gans Sheehan ’52 Benedictine Service
Barbara Pluth Thomes ’52 Benedictine Service
Suzanne Welch-Dachel ’57 Benedictine Service
Erin O’Toole-Tomczik ’92   Decade Award
2001 Deanne Dowdle Suilmann ’71             Distinguished Alumna
Karen Welle Bellmont ’66 Benedictine Service
  Eileen Bitzan ’76 Benedictine Service
  Marjorie Boyle Coyle ’46 Benedictine Service
  Lori-Jo Fergle ’76 Benedictine Service
  Betty Sullivan Haas ’56 Benedictine Service
  Julie Hutcheson ’91 Benedictine Service
  Pat Keller Johnston ’61 Benedictine Service
  Leslie Krona ’76 Benedictine Service
  Colleen Lilly ’81 Benedictine Service
  Virginia Ziebol Lyon ’46 Benedictine Service
  Peg Achter Mann ’76 Benedictine Service
  Mary Hughes Mathews ’66 Benedictine Service
  Lisa Moes Maurer ’86 Benedictine Service
  MaryAnn Kinney Pattison ’46 Benedictine Service
  Laurena Lenihan Petron ’46 Benedictine Service
  Nancy Carpentier Roering ’71 Benedictine Service
  Doris Bogut Simonett ’51 Benedictine Service
  Louise Theisen ’46 Benedictine Service
  DiAnn Tintes Vinck ’61 Benedictine Service
  Laura McGrane ’91 Decade Award
2000   Pat Rengel ’60 Distinguished Alumna
  Anne Cleveland Ames ’80 Benedictine Service
  Holly Holdgraf Baker ’90 Benedictine Service
  Martha Terwey Benton ’75 Benedictine Service
  Therese Blaine ’85 Benedictine Service
  Marjorie Welp Clough ’65 Benedictine Service
  Ann Giebel Fischer ’80 Benedictine Service
  Margaret Gruenes ’70 Benedictine Service
  Elizabeth Reiten Henry ’45 Benedictine Service
  Linda Hutchinson ’70 Benedictine Service
  Dixie Aus Labat ’60 Benedictine Service
  Lorene Traxler Lawler ’45 Benedictine Service
  Lila McDermott ’50 Benedictine Service
  Barbara Coy McGinnis ’50 Benedictine Service
  Eleanor Bohlin McHale ’50 Benedictine Service
  Jeanne Daly McIntee ’80 Benedictine Service
  Dolores Lehman Nierengarten ’50 Benedictine Service
  Ruth Radermacher-Yurick ’90 Benedictine Service
  Mollie Mulheran Raih ’65 Benedictine Service
  Lucy Dufner Rieland ’65 Benedictine Service
  Katarzyna Rolzinski ’65 Benedictine Service
  Mary Schlosser ’75 Benedictine Service
  Irene Bates Sullivan ’60 Benedictine Service
  Margaret Wenner Tiplady ’60 Benedictine Service
  Jeanette Thielman Welle ’45 Benedictine Service
  Patricia Welter ’70 Benedictine Service
  Michelle Bauerly-Kopel ’90 Decade Award
1999   Rebecca Hafner ’74 Distinguished Alumna
  Cathy Diekmann ’89 Benedictine Service
  Anne Garry Betts ’89 Decade Award
1998   Elizabeth Barringer ’48 Distinguished Alumna
  Clair Pawlak Adachi ’83 Benedictine Service
  Margrette Nemanich Newhouse ’88 Decade Award
1997   Kay Kelly Conlon ’57 Distinguished Alumna
  Honor O’Connell Hacker ’47 Benedictine Service
  Annette Maggi ’87 Decade Award
1996   Mary Kay Braus Hunt ’56 Distinguished Alumna
  Jan Connelly Barnett ’66 Benedictine Service
  Pat Patton Gatzlaff ’71 Benedictine Service
  Christine Morris Boerner ’86 Decade Award
1995   Velma Smith Brown ’55 Distinguished Alumna
  Bridget Ryan ’75 Benedictine Service
  Monica Sinner Goodwin ’85 Decade Award
1994   Diana Lam ’69 Distinguished Alumna
  Kathryn O’Rourke Brinnkman ’39 Benedictine Service
  Nancy Holm ’84 Decade Award
1993   Beth Dinndorf ’73 Distinguished Alumna
  Anne Ford Nelson ’73 Benedictine Service
  Marguerite DeSpain ’83 Decade Award
1992   Mary L. Dombovy ’77 Distinguished Alumna
  Kathleen Yanes Waynes ’42 Benedictine Service
  Kim Ebert ’82 Decade Award
1991   Charlotte Kunkel Klose ’61 Distinguished Alumna
  Marilyn Scholl Schmit ’56 Benedictine Service
  Diane Gerdts Hovey ’81 Decade Award
1990   Carol McCarthy ’55 Distinguished Alumna
  Marilyn Yunker Murray ’55 Benedictine Service
  Mary Cashman Bakken ’80 Decade Award
1989   Helen Deimert ’49 Distinguished Alumna
  Joan Strom Riebel ’64 Benedictine Service
  Catherine McGinnis ’79 Decade Award
1988   Donna Scherer Zitur ’53 Distinguished Alumna
  Rose Mary Kuyava Meyer ’68 Benedictine Service
  Barbara Torborg Melsen ’78 Decade Award
1987   Mary Sohler ’37 Distinguished Alumna
  Kathy Hughes Dooley ’52 Benedictine Service
  Marianne Milroy Diekmann ’52 Benedictine Service
  Ann Cofell ’77 Benedictine Service
  Beth Rademacher ’77 Decade Award
1986   Julie Ann Lickteig ’61 Distinguished Alumna
  Mary Louise Mitchell ’41 Benedictine Service
  Marguerite Tonskemper Burns ’28 Benedictine Service
  Joanne Sunquist ’76 Decade Award
1985   Marjorie Nelson Berard ’40 Distinguished Alumna
  Anne Wolkerstorfer Torkelson ’17 Benedictine Service
  LaJean Hurd Anderson ’37 Benedictine Service
  Denise DeVaan ’75 Decade Award
1984   Betty Schneider ’39 Distinguished Alumna
1983   Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict Outstanding Alumna
1982   Pat Gits Opatz ’49 Outstanding Alumna
1981   Dr. Larraine Matusak ’62 Distinguished Alumna
1980   Dr. Marion Cooney ’39 Outstanding Alumna
1979   Consuelo Arteaga de Murphy ’49 Distinguished Alumna
1978   Catherine Pribyl Lupori ’49 Distinguished Alumna
  Rosemay Boyle Petters ’48 Distinguished Alumna
1977   Sister Joyce Williams ’48 Outstanding Alumna
  Jane Richardson Britt ’53 Outstanding Alumna
1976   Phylis Geering Janey ’49 Distinguished Alumna
1975   Patricia Schmitt Mische ’61 Distinguished Alumna
  Patricia Gaines Taylor ’55 Outstanding Alumna
  Lois LaVasseur Liners ’46 Distinguished Alumna
1974   Hildegard Schwankl ’31 Outstanding Alumna
1973   LeMay Wagner Bechtold ’49 Distunguished Alumna
1972   Mary Sweeney ’17 (deceased) Outstanding Alumna
1971   Vivian Drenckhahn ’21 Outstanding Alumna