Erin Donohue, Ph.D.

CSB Main 370; 320-363-5360
Areas of Interest: Developmental Psychology, Emotional and Social Development, the Influence of Parenting on Child Development

 Ben Faber

Ben Faber, Ph.D.
CSB Main 358; 320-363-5572
Areas of Interest: Cognitive Science, Cognitive Development, and Neuroscience

Aubrey Immelman, Ph.D.
CSB Main 359; 320-363-5481 
Areas of Interest: Personality Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Clinical Hypnosis

Amanda Jantzer Headshot

Amanda Macht Jantzer, Ph.D.
CSB Main 356; 320-363-5570
Areas of Interest: Counseling Psychology, Multicultural Psychology, Vocational Psychology


Robert Kachelski, Ph.D., Department Chair
CSB Main 368; 320-363-5573
Areas of Interest: Attention, Perception, Memory, Language

Michael G. Livingston, Ph.D.
CSB Main 354; 320-363-5384
Areas of Interest: Developmental Psychology, History of Psychology, Motivation and Emotion

Rodger Narloch, Ph.D.
CSB Main 353; 320-363-5571
Areas of Interest: Developmental Psychology, Pedagogical Research and Techniques, Ethics

Laura E. Sinville, Ph.D.
CSB Main 352; 320-363-5574
Areas of Interest: Physiological Psychology

Stephen P. Stelzner, Ph.D.
CSB Main 364; 320-363-5410
Areas of Interest: Organizational Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Community Psychology

Matthew Stenson, Ph.D., CSCS

CSB Main 355; 320-363-5676
Areas of Interest: Sport Psychology, Positive Psychology, Flow, Mindfulness, Performance Enhancement, Psychopathology


Linda Tennison, Ph.D.
CSB Main 357; 320-363-5575
Areas of Interest: Behavioral Neuroscience, Stress, Mindfulness


Richard M. Wielkiewicz, Ph.D.
CSB Main 362; 320-363-5681
Areas of Interest: Behavior Management, Educational Psychology, Leadership, Data Analysis

Ashley Koshiol, Department Coordinator
CSB Main 303; 320-363-5484

Adjunct Faculty
  • Scott A. Palmer, Ph.D., B.A., Saint Olaf College, 1979; M.S., Moorhead State University, 1981; Ph.D., Brigham Young University, 1986. (Clinical Psychology)
In Memoriam
Professor Emeritus
  • Martin Andrews, Ph.D. B.S., Purdue University, 1964; M.S., 1967; Ph.D., 1970