Why Study Psychology at CSB & SJU?

CSB and SJU offers small class sizes, which enables students and professors to connect. The psychology professors excel in the classroom and create lasting relationships as mentors to students in the psychology program. These connections allow you to gain the necessary skills in and out of the classroom through internships, service-learning, and student-faculty collaborative research in our recently updated research facilities. CSB and SJU’s flexible psychology major will also allow you the opportunity to expand your horizons through one of CSB and SJU’s many study abroad programs or combine the psychology major with other majors or minors.

Psychology courses emphasize a scientific approach to solving problems. The resulting critical thinking skills help students understand humanity, our creations (both physical and cultural), and our influence on each other and the world. Psychology is central to understanding how we have changed and how we can change.

Experiential Learning

Our psychology majors have various opportunities to broaden their skills in and beyond the classroom. Students can apply their knowledge to the larger community through service learning and internships.

When you are a psychology major at CSB and SJU, you can take advantage of opportunities to collaborate with faculty on research, including our summer research program. This program gives you a hands-on, paid full-time research position working one-on-one with a professor. In addition, students can choose to complete a Distinguished Thesis during their senior year.

Students complete high-level work that allows them to present their research at regional and national academic conferences. These important experiences beyond the classroom, coupled with the knowledge and skills gained in the classroom, give CSB and SJU psychology majors a high rate of success when applying to jobs and graduate programs.

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