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Sexual Assault, Dating and Domestic Violence and Stalking

Everyone has the right to be in relationships (family, friends, work, intimate partner) that are safe and respectful. We want the CSB+SJU communities to be:

  • Communities with healthy, caring relationship and sexual attitudes and practices.
  • Cultures that reflect civility, respect, and non-violence.
  • Communities that conceptualize intimate activity as an individual choice, where yes or no is a respected response.
  • Communities that understand intimate activity between people needs to be mutually consensual without the undue influence of alcohol or other drugs, pressure, force, threat, manipulation or intimidation.
  • Communities that are ready, willing, and able to intervene in high risk situations.
  • Communities that support victims and work to understand how sexual assault, dating & domestic violence, and stalking happen here.

Are you a victim or survivor?
Navigate your path to healing.

You are not alone.
It is NOT your fault.
Your feelings are valid.
You are DESERVING of healing.

Friends and Family
How do you support a victim/survivor?

Find help for your loved ones and yourself as a secondary survivor.

A secondary survivor is someone who knows someone close to them whom experienced sexual violence, dating/domestic violence, or stalking. This could be your child, sibling, spouse, significant other, parent, coworker, or friend who was victimized. You have been affected, too.

Defining the Issues
Increasing Understanding

Learn the definitions, statistics, and other information about sexual assault, dating/domestic violence and stalking.

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