On Campus Events

The PRP's maintain responsibility for a plethora of exciting, challenging, and view-broadening activities. While we might be known as "the trip people", our actual experience producing capability far exceeds such a narrow characterization. Indeed, if all we had to do was sit around and plan long trips for spring and winter breaks, we should certainly bore ourselves to death. Luckily, some of the most important facilitating we do is right here on campus.

Leading challenge courses, for instance, keeps us busy for the entire year.  Challenge courses are intended to bring groups closer together by fostering better communication and leading to an understanding of group dynamics.  As PRPs, we help the group, whether it be a first-year symposium class, soldiers from ROTC, or students from a local elementary school classroom.

Other activities include AM Experiences, Poetry in the Dark, Night Experiences, MusiCollage, and Women's Weekend.

Fall Semester
  • MusiCollage
  • Roller Disco
  • Haunted Arboretum
  • Concert on the Raft
  • Swayed Pines Follk Festival
  • Banff Film Festival  
  • Appeloza
  • Pumpkin Carving and Cider
  • Flapjack Friday
Spring Semester

        Pumpkin Carving Participants       Applooza 2013