DIY Triathlon: Pod Up and TRIumph

DIY Triathlon: Pod up and TRIumphSeptember 18-27

Join Outdoor U and CSB Campus Rec to participate in this do-it-yourself (or with your pod) triathlon. No registration required.

Triathlon Activity Log

Complete log AFTER all activities are complete; you can only submit one form.

Run 5K - Bike 10K - Swim 0.5K

  • Follow all COVID-19 guidelines, precautions, and local restrictions at CSB/SJU or for your local area.
  • Complete all activities and distances between Sept 18-27.
  • Complete the full distance for each activity (run, bike, swim) at one time and record your time.
  • You do not have to complete all three activities on the same day; you can complete them throughout the week.
  • You are encouraged to use a tracking app such as Strava, Map My Run, or a FitBit to track your distance, route, and time.
  • You may use the run, bike, and swim routes/facilities provided here or choose your own (as long as they are the proper distance).
  • You are encouraged to log whatever activities you finish, even if you don't complete all three legs of the triathlon.
  • All entries will be entered to win prizes from Outdoor U and CSB Campus Rec.

Activities and Routes

Run 5K

Bike 10K

  • Ride from Gorecki to Sexton (or vice versa) using the Wobegon Trail. If needed, rent a bike from the OLC.
  • Use a stationary bike at one of the fitness centers
  • Design your own 10K route

Swim 0.5K

  • CSB pool: 11 laps or 22 lengths (open swim hours)
  • SJU pool: 11 laps or 22 lengths (open swim hours, scroll to bottom of page)
  • Lake Sag beach: swim to the chapel with the OLC on Sunday, Sept 20 (weather permitting)

Past triathlon themes include: Berry the Competition (2008), Catch-Up or Ketchup (2009), Just HoneyDEW it (2010), Give it all you ApriCOT (2011), Bananaswamabike-o-rana (2012), Get Juiced, Yeah It's Race-Y (2013), Sprint to the Finish Lime (2014), TriAppleOn: We're Hardcore (2015), Berry-ly Broke a Sweat (2016), POMathon; PomaSWAM it, PomaBIKED it, PomaRAN it! (2017), PrePEAR to Win: Pearsistance is key (2018), Rind over Matter (2019), Pandemic Duathlon: Go the Social Distance (2020 spring)

Pandemic Duathlon 20202019 Rind over MatterPrePEAR to Win. Swim, Bike, Run. Fruit at the Finish Triathlon 2018.2017 PomathonBerry-ly Broke a Sweat2015 Triathlon Logosprint to the finish limeGet Juiced - Yeah it's Race-YBanana Swama Bike-o-RamaGive it all you ApriCOT!Berry the CompetitionCatch-up or Ketchupjust honeyDEW it!