Outdoor U & Abbey Arboretum Staff

For general questions, email [email protected] or call 320-363-3163.

John Geissler

Outdoor U Director
Abbey Land Manager

213 Peter Engel, SJU

Lucas Wade

Assistant Director
CSB and SJU Outdoor Education

211 Peter Engel, SJU

Owen Connell

Assistant Director
preK-12 Environmental Education

207 Peter Engel, SJU

Jenny Hengel

Environmental Educator
Camp Coordinator
Prep School Instructor

203 Peter Engel, SJU

Caitlynn LaSota

Environmental Educator
Community Education

209 Peter Engel, SJU

Cassandra Simpson

Outdoor Education Fellow

209 Peter Engel, SJU

Ellen Wilson

Environmental Educator
2024-25 Fellowship

209 Peter Engel, SJU

James Siems

Climate Impact Project
Coordinator 2024-25

209 Peter Engel, SJU

Jenny Kutter

Department Coordinator
Outdoor U and
Environmental Studies

201 Peter Engel, SJU

Con Brady

Abbey Forest Professional

Gabriella Backes

Abbey Forest Specialist