Latino/Latin American Studies Minor

Students majoring in any discipline can enroll in the Latino/Latin American Studies Minor. The Latino/Latin American Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary curriculum that explores the histories and cultures of the peoples of South America, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. The minor is also designed to give students an opportunity to develop an understanding of the diverse groups that comprise the U.S. Latino populations.

The minor consists of two required courses on Latino and Latin American history, politics, and culture, and three electives from a wide range of choices in History, Hispanic Studies, Political Science, English, and Theology.

Students can fulfill many of the Latino/Latin American Studies Minor requirements on the Saint John’s and Saint Ben’s study abroad program in Chile.

Quick Facts

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The Latino/Latin American Studies Minor requires Spanish-language proficiency and twenty (20) credits of Latino/Latin American Studies courses: eight credits, required; and twelve credits, elective. Classes will be conducted in English and Spanish, depending on the department which offers them. No more than 12 credits in advanced Hispanic Studies (HISP) coursework can count toward the LLAS minor (both required and elective courses).

Required Courses
1 Course on Latin America as a region from the list below:
HISP 336 – Latin American Culture
HIST 277D – Revolution and Repression in Modern Latin America
POLS 347 – Latin American Politics
SOCI 336A – Latin American Anthropology
1 Course on Latinx experience in the United States from the list below:
LLAS 120 – Latinx Identities in the United States (CI)
HISP 337 – Latino Identity in the United States (CS)

Special Requirements
No more than 12 credits can be double-counted for the LLAS minor and the HISP major/minor.

Course Number Course Title Credits
LLAS 120 Latinx Identities in the United States 4 Credits
LLAS 270 Readings in Latino/Latin American Studies 1 Credit
LLAS 280B Brazil: People & Culture 2 Credits
LLAS 280C Politics, Society and Culture in Cuba 2 Credits
LLAS 360 Topics in LLAS 4 Credits
LLAS 371 Individual Learning Project 1-4 Credits