Eleonora Bertranou, Ph.D. 
Hispanic Studies
SJU Quad 257E
Phone: (320) 363-2773
Email: [email protected]

Eleonora Bertranou teaches courses in Latin American literatures and human rights. A native of Mendoza, Argentina, she received her Ph.D. in Spanish Studies from the University of Minnesota. She published Rodolfo Walsh: argentino, escritor, militante in 2006 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Bruce Campbell, Ph.D.
Hispanic Studies
SJU Quad 253A
Phone: (320) 363-2727
Email: [email protected]

Bruce Campbell teaches courses in Latin American culture, Latino identity in the U.S., and colonial Latin American literature. He also teaches topics courses focused on Latin American popular culture and politics. He received his Ph.D. in Cultural Studies from the University of Minnesota, and an M.A. in Spanish Language and Literature from Middlebury College. He has written two books - Mexican Murals in Times of Crisis (University of Arizona Press, 2003), and ¡Viva la historieta!: Mexicans Comics, NAFTA, and the Politics of Globalization (University Press of Mississippi, 2009).

Pedro dos Santos, Ph.D.
Political Science
SJU Simons 144
Phone: (320) 363-2158

Pedro A. G. dos Santos teaches courses in Political Science. His teaching focuses on comparative politics, Latin American politics, representation, and gender. He has two main areas of research in Brazilian politics: women's representation in the legislative and executive, and the rise of evangelical politicians in the country. He has published numerous book chapters as well as articles in Latin American Politics and Society and Politics & Gender. He is currently working on a co-authored book-length project examining the impact the presidency of Dilma Rousseff, Brazil’s first woman president, on women’s representation and empowerment in the country.

Colin Hannigan
Political Science
SJU Simns 105
Phone: (320) 363-2733

Roy Ketchum, Ph.D.
Hispanic Studies
CSB Richa P18
Phone: (320) 363-5272
Email: [email protected]

Brian Larkin, Ph.D.
CSB Richarda N8
Phone: (320) 363-5226
E-mail: [email protected]

Brian Larkin teaches Latin American history. He offers a lower-division survey of Latin America from pre-Columbian period to the present day. He also teaches more focused upper-division courses on colonial Mexico, modern Mexico, and religion in Latin America. His research focuses on religion in colonial Mexico. In 2010, Dr. Larkin published, The Very Nature of God: Baroque Catholicism and Religious Reform in Bourbon Mexico City.

Megan Sheehan, Ph.D.
SJU Simons 114
Phone: (320) 363-3193

Megan Sheehan teaches course in anthropology with an emphasis on Latin America. Dr. Sheehan’s research examines the recent influx of Latin American migrants to Chile, exploring how migration impacts and changes urban areas. She has conducted extensive fieldwork in Chile, the Arizona – Sonora border region, and northern Arizona. Her research and teaching interests include: migration, urbanization, food studies, ethnographic research methods, and applied anthropology.

Corey Shouse, Ph.D.
Director of LLAS/Hispanic Studies
SJU Quad 257D
Phone: (320) 363-2728
E-mail: [email protected]