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Pedro dos Santos

Pedro A.G. dos Santos teaches courses in Comparative Politics and International Relations. His teaching interests allow him to also contribute to the Latino/Latin American Studies minor and the Gender Studies program. His research revolves around democratic representation in Latin America, with a special interest in women’s representation and the representation of Evangelical groups in politics. He has an active research agenda that includes a lot of student collaboration. He is co-author of the book Women’s Empowerment and Disempowerment in Brazil: The Rise and Fall of Dilma Rousseff. He also has published various book chapters as well as journal articles in Latin American Politics and Society, Politics & Gender, the European Journal of Politics and Gender, and Opinião Pública.

Spring 2022 Courses:
  • INTG 100 – Learning Foundations
  • POLS 380 – Race and Gender in Brazil
Fall 2022 Courses:
  • POLS 121 – Intro to International Relations
  • INTG 300 – Learning Integrations
  • POLS 347 – Latin American Politics