CSB/SJU students on the Chile program study in Viña del Mar, also known as the "Garden City", located 70 miles west of Chile's capital, Santiago.  Picturesque beaches, lakes, and mountains surround Viña del Mar. Adjacent to Viña del Mar is Valparaiso, the most important port of Chile and in the South American Pacific. This region is well known for its wines and agricultural products.

Program Highlights

  • Excellent location for students working to perfect their Spanish language skills in the classroom, at the homestay, and around Chile.
  • Excursions include Santiago, Isla Negra, and a week-long trip to the north of Chile.
  • Each student on the Chile program participates in volunteer work as a part of the program, engaging in the community in different capacities
  •  Latin America and Chile Studies track, open to all students who have completed HISP 112.  In this track students take one Spanish language course at their level, and 3 seminar courses taught in English to be applied to the common curriculum or their major/minor (other than Hispanic Studies).


Students attend classes at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI), a private university beautifully located, with an extraordinary view of the bay, only 10 minutes from downtown. CSB/SJU students take one course (Study Abroad Seminar) from their CSB/SJU faculty director.  Students participate in the Chile program on 2 separate but concurrent tracks:  the Hispanic Studies major/minor track (pre-req HISP 112) or the Latin America and Chile Studies track (pre-req HISP 112).  The Chile program offers students the unique opportunity to either take classes offered exclusively for CSB/SJU students, or to add in one to two courses from the complete UAI curriculum, giving students the opportunity to explore a wide variety of subjects alongside Chilean students.

Hispanic Studies Major/Minor Track

  • Study Abroad Seminar (IC/EL) - Taught by the CSB/SJU Program Director
  • 3 Seminar Courses - Taught in Spanish.  Considering taking 1 Direct Enrollment course alongside Chilean students! Sample Direct Enrollment course options can be found here.

Latin America and Chile Studies Track

  • Study Abroad Seminar (IC/EL) - Taught by the CSB/SJU Program Director
  • Spanish Language Course at your level
  • 2 Seminar Courses - Taught in English, from subjects such as Global Business, Communication, History, and Peace Studies. A complete list of seminar courses offered by UAI can be found here.

For a complete list of classes please refer to page 2 of the Chile brochure.

Experiential Learning and Activities

Students on the Chile program have a myriad of opportunities to engage with the local community - everything from from playing on a UAI club or intramural sports team to learning to dance the Chilean cueca or enjoying traditional asado (barbecue) with their host family. A hallmark of the Chile study abroad experience is that service learning is built in to the study abroad seminar course. Students have worked with young people at local orphanages and schools, helped with home-building and construction projects, and supported women entrepreneurs through a micro-finance program. While specific placements change every year, the service learning component of the Chile program ensures that students are actively engaged with Chilean culture.


Participants live in Chilean homes. Students will be provided with meals (three meals a day, seven days per week) and laundry. This arrangement for meals in Chilean homes for the duration of the academic program is included in the cost of the program; however, meals on excursions will be at the students' expense.

Program Dates

The approximate program dates for Chile are late July to early December.

Financial Considerations

For more information on the Program Fees for this program, please refer to the Chile program brochure

. Another great resource is the Financing your Experience brochure. This brochure includes estimates of what past participants have spent on this program, along with details about scholarships and financial aid.

See which Scholarships you may qualify for with participating on this program. 

Explore Further

Fall 2019 Program Director: Michael Livingston, Psychology/FYS

Fall 2020 Program Director: Nesly Solano, Hispanic Studies

Program Advisor: Nicole Clements, Center for Global Education