Private Loan Options

Citizens, College Ave, CU Student Choice, Earnest,
Sallie Mae, SELF, SoFi

These lenders were selected for our lender comparison list based on the information gathered from our annual private loan review of over 15 private lenders. The information reviewed includes interest rates, origination fees, borrower benefits, deferment and repayment options, and cosigner release options, in addition to reviewing the most used lenders by former students.

Why these lenders were selected for our list

We feel the lenders represented on our list best fit the criteria we set forth.  Our list of lenders is reviewed and updated annually. This list does not contain affiliated lenders.

For these lenders:

  • Loan is taken out by the student with a credit worthy cosigner*
  • Interest rate is determined by the lender
  • Fees are determined by the lender
  • Loan is typically disbursed approximately one month after all steps of the application process are complete, and school has started

*Lender may also have parent and/or graduate student loan options 

To review our lender comparison list and apply for a loan, please select the appropriate option below:

CSB Students

SJU Students

*Private loan processing for 24/25 academic year will begin in June*
Borrowers are encouraged to begin applying in June/July
CSB/SJU conduct a request for information (RFI) annually from multiple lenders to find selections for our lender comparison lists. Students will always have a minimum of two options to choose from. Students are not required to use a lender from our list, and are free to choose a lender that does not appear through any of the above links.