Scholarship Opportunities

Renewing Scholarships

The following scholarships are awarded based on merit at the time of admission to CSB/SJU.

They are automatically renewed for students who maintain satisfactory academic progress. These scholarships are available for a maximum of 8 semesters or 4 years.

  • Academic Achievement Scholarship
  • Saints Scholarship
  • International Scholarship
  • St. John’s Abbey Scholarship
  • Intercultural Leadership, Education and Development Fellowship

Fine Arts Scholarships

Art, Music, and Theater Scholarships are automatically renewed for students who maintain satisfactory academic standards and meet departmental participation requirements. Fine Arts scholarships are only awarded at the point of admission.

Questions about participation requirements should be directed to the following:

  • Music – David Arnott – 320-363-5855
  • Art – Samuel Johnson – 320-363-5134
  • Theater – Mark Hennings – 320-363-5713

Finding Scholarships

Departmental Scholarships
Check with faculty in individual academic departments to find scholarships that are specific to your area of study or to a particular department.

Outside Scholarships
Scholarships from outside sources


Can my academic scholarships be increased if my grades improve?

The dollar amount of academic scholarships is determined by a competitive ranking within the first year applicant pool at the time the student applies for admission to CSB+SJU. These scholarships are four year renewable scholarships and cannot be adjusted.

How will outside scholarships affect my financial aid?

As required by federal regulations, the award from the college may be reduced to reflect additional resources such as outside scholarships. Grants or scholarships from the college will not be reduced unless the total of all awards exceeds the cost of attendance. Instead the student’s loans and/or student employment award may need to be adjusted.

Does CSB+SJU offer athletic scholarships?

Since CSB and SJU are Division III schools, NCAA regulations prohibit athletic scholarships.