CSB/SJU partners with Washington University in St. Louis for our Engineering Dual Degree Program.

CSB/SJU partners with Washington University in St. Louis in one of the country’s premier 3-2 (and 3-3) engineering programs for liberal arts students. Since 1973, the Engineering Dual Degree Program has offered a distinctive education that creates breadth of skill, depth of knowledge and wealth of opportunity.


Program Overview

  • Begin your education at CSB/SJU, benefiting from small classes, personal mentoring and the wide variety of opportunities in involvement, study abroad, faith engagement, undergraduate research, NCAA Division III athletics and more.
  • Develop the strong academic, communication and social skills provided by our liberal arts education.
  • Gain the technical knowledge, adaptability and grit needed for success in engineering while benefiting from the resources – career centers, alumni networks, etc. – of both institutions.
Clear criteria lead to Engineering Dual Degree admission rate of nearly 90%.
  • Include engineering prerequisites in your liberal arts coursework
  • Achieve a minimum 3.25 GPA – cumulative both overall and in STEM
  • Apply to WashU Engineering – no application fee, no additional testing
  • Have the endorsement of your school’s pre-engineering advisor
Every student admitted to Dual Degree can enroll in one of two tracks.
  • 3-2 Option: Liberal arts bachelor’s degree + engineering bachelor’s degree
  • 3-3 Option: All of the above + engineering master’s degree
Every Dual Degree student is eligible for some kind of financial support.
  • 3-2 Option: Need-based financial aid – US citizens and Permanent Residents
  • 3-3 Option: Automatic tuition discounts – 50% year 1, 55% year 2, 60% year 3
  • 3-2 and 3-3: Merit-based scholarships – separate application required

Attending CSB/SJU opens a door and defines a pathway to earning an engineering degree at WashU. For more information, please visit or email [email protected].

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Dean Langley
Advisor, Pre-Engineering

Md Abdul Fazal
Advisor, Pre-Chemical Engineering