Why Study Mathematics at CSB & SJU?

Mathematics involves thinking about the world in different ways and exercising your intellect like an athlete in training. And if you’ve got math on the brain, we can challenge you with great faculty, intelligent peers and fascinating coursework.

Program & Curriculum

The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University mathematics department offers courses to suit the needs of a variety of students, whether they are majoring in mathematics or a related field, or simply taking courses as a general liberal arts student.

  • Provides a sound, flexible theoretical base that prepares students for further study in graduate school, for a career in secondary education or as a mathematician or statistician in business or industry.
  • We regard mathematics as an essential part of a liberal arts education and each student must take at least one mathematics course to satisfy the curriculum requirement.

Our faculty strives to meet each student at the level of his or her interest and ability; in both lower- and upper-division classes, students are encouraged to see mathematics as a conceptual discipline which has been and continues to be an integral part of the broader intellectual culture.


Our graduates go on a variety of careers. Many go to work as computer programmers or software engineers, while others take other types of positions at financial or insurance companies. In fact, our graduates who become actuaries have reported that they are better prepared with their mathematics degree than their colleagues with actuarial degrees. Other alumni go to graduate school in mathematics, statistics, economics, education, engineering, law, or medicine.