Pi Mu Epsilon Conference

Friday and Saturday, April 12-13, 2024

Dr. Lew Ludwig

Spring 2024 Conference Speaker

Friday Evening Invited Talk

Generative AI in Education: Opportunities, Challenges, and Ethical Implications

This presentation will delve into generative artificial intelligence, focusing on large language models like Bard, Bing, and ChatGPT. Insightful survey data on the current use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in educational contexts will be examined, underscoring its rapid emergence as a foundational element in contemporary teaching. We will discuss practical strategies for college math professors, high school instructors, and undergraduate students to incorporate AI into their educational practices effectively. Additionally, we will address the limitations of generative AI, paying particular attention to the ethical and equity issues it presents. The talk will conclude by analyzing AI’s path forward and how it will affect math education. Participants will depart with an enhanced understanding of AI’s educational possibilities and practical insights for leveraging this technology to augment their teaching and learning experiences.

Saturday Morning Invited Talk

Mathematical research – it’s knot what you think!

Take a length of rope, tangle it up, then glue the loose ends together. This is a mathematical knot. In this presentation, we will consider the history and development of mathematical knot theory, as well as its surprising applications. We will also explore a specific branch of knot theory known as mosaic knots, which were first conceived in 2008. We will pose a number of accessible questions about mosaic knots that would be suitable for undergraduate research in mathematics or computer science. This presentation is intended for a general audience.