Specific engineering programs have specific course requirements that must be met before transferring. In general, engineering students at CSB+SJU will take a course load that focuses on physics and math and includes courses complimentary to specific engineering fields (biology, geology, computer science, etc.).

Students interested in chemical engineering will focus on chemistry and those interested in computer engineering focus on computer science.

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Engineering Options

There are three main options for students interested in engineering at CSB and SJU:

The Transfer Option

Students pursuing the Transfer Option take one to two years of pre-engineering courses at CSB and SJU and then transfer to an engineering school following the normal transfer procedures. At the end of four years students can receive a bachelor’s degree from the engineering school.

The Dual Bachelor’s Degree Option

In the Dual Bachelor’s Degree program students take three years of courses at CSB and SJU, followed by two years at an engineering school. At CSB and SJU, the students complete the Integrations Curriculum, courses for a major, and required pre-engineering courses. Then at the engineering school students take the required engineering courses, plus anything else required by the engineering school. At the end of five years, students can receive a bachelor of arts degree from CSB and SJU and a bachelor of science degree in engineering from the engineering school.

While we have had students follow the dual degree route at several engineering institutions, we currently have a formal dual degree agreement with Washington University in St. Louis. With this program, after three years of appropriate coursework, CSB and SJU students can get a bachelors degree in engineering in two years at Washington University in St. Louis, or bachelors and masters degrees in engineering after three years at Washington University in St. Louis.

The Bachelor’s Degree followed Master’s Degree Option

In this option, students pursue a full, four year bachelor’s degree at CSB and SJU, while being sure to take required prerequisites for their engineering field of interest. Then the students apply for admissions to a graduate engineering program. After roughly six years students who choose the 4/2 option can earn a bachelor of arts degree from CSB and SJU and a masters in engineering degree from the engineering school.

No one program is right for all students. Consider your options being sure to weigh your career goals, preparation level, and outside interests.

Course Plans

The CSB and SJU Physics and Engineering Options file shows paths for getting physics and engineering majors. It includes recommendations for when to take physics and math classes. The courses in this plan are less relevant for majors that rely more on sciences other than physics, such as Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering.