Why Study Engineering at CSB & SJU?

  • Begin your education at CSB and SJU, benefiting from small classes, personal mentoring and the wide variety of opportunities in involvement, study abroad, faith engagement, undergraduate research, NCAA Division III athletics and more.
  • Develop the strong academic, communication and social skills provided by our liberal arts education.
  • Gain the technical knowledge, adaptability and grit needed for success in engineering while benefiting from the resources – career centers, alumni networks, etc. – of both institutions.

Program Overview

Clear criteria lead to Engineering Dual Degree admission rate of nearly 90%.
  • Include engineering prerequisites in your liberal arts coursework
  • Achieve a minimum 3.25 GPA – cumulative both overall and in STEM
  • Apply to WashU Engineering – no application fee, no additional testing
  • Have the endorsement of your school’s pre-engineering advisor

Degree Overview

Every student admitted to Dual Degree can enroll in one of two tracks.
  • 3-2 Option: Liberal arts bachelor’s degree + engineering bachelor’s degree
  • 3-3 Option: All of the above + engineering master’s degree
Every Dual Degree student is eligible for some kind of financial support.
  • 3-2 Option: Need-based financial aid – US citizens and Permanent Residents
  • 3-3 Option: Automatic tuition discounts – 50% year 1, 55% year 2, 60% year 3
  • 3-2 and 3-3: Merit-based scholarships – separate application required