Customized Gift Packs


The first package for the 2024-2025 year will be available to order on AUGUST 1st!

Want a custom gift package created for your Bennie or Johnnie?

Contact us: 800-420-4509  or  [email protected]

Some exclusions apply.

Bennie Johnnie Care Packages Header

Orders will be shipped UPS Ground

If you’d like to combine an order between the two stores, just make note of the items you want and then give us a call! 1-800-420-4509!

Please note if you order an item that is excluded (yard signs are excluded) – the free shipping will apply and we will call you to let you know we need to add the shipping charges back on.

Clothing Specials are valid in-store and on-line.

Contact Us

CSB: 320-363-5510
SJU: 320-363-2495