CSB Sisterhood Collection and SJU Class Rings


The Sisterhood Collection

Sisterhood Collection

The Sisterhood ring is your official class ring of the College of St. Benedict. To celebrate and commemorate the connection that binds all Bennies together, College of Saint Benedict created a signature line of jewelry that honors past, present and future. These pieces will forever connect you to the College and to the friendships you formed here.

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The Saint John’s Univeristy ring is a symbol of our unique college experience. When we say unique, we speak of the Benedictine monastic community, a profound sense of place and spirituality, a blending of the old and the new traditions, and of course, our life long friendships.

The ring features the Abbey Church bell banner which is the most unique symbol of the Saint John’s community. Wear this ring with pride, embrace its lavish simplicity, and let it be a reminder that in all we say and do, may God be glorified.

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