Minor (22 credits)

Required Courses:
  • THEA 113 Stagecraft (4 credits)
  • THEA 117 Acting Foundations (4 credits)
  • THEA 215 Sophomore Seminar (2 credits)
  • THEA 253 Introduction to the Costuming Process (4 credits)
  • THEA 327 Drama Form (4 credits)
  • THEA 240 Production Lab (0-2 credits) required two semesters
  • Electives (4 credits)

Major (44 credits)

Required Courses:

The Theater major will be gradually discontinued beginning Fall 2023. Students who were enrolled at CSB+SJU prior to Fall 2023 will be able to continue in the major and all appropriate opportunities will be available to them through Spring 2026.  

All theater majors take a common sequence of 28 credits to include 4 credits in Stagecraft, 113; 4 credits in Acting Foundations, 117; 2 credits in Sophomore Seminar, 215; 4 credits in Costume, 253; 4 credits in Theater History, 337 or 338; 8 credits in Dramatic Literature, 327 and 368; and 2 credits in Theater Senior Capstone. Additional 16 credits, which are electives, are chosen from two different categories.

In order to fully understand the integration of theory as experience and the collaborative nature of theater, each theater major is expected to participate in the theatrical productions of the department. In addition to the classes above, each major is required to complete four semesters of either Theater 240 or 340. These production credits must be in two or more of the areas listed below: Acting, Scenography, Costume, Stage Management, and Dramaturgy.

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Amelia Cheever
Chair, Theater Department