Chapel Trailhead

The Chapel Trailhead was constructed in the summer of 2015 to mark the start of the Saint John's Arboretum's most popular walking trail. The Chapel Trail is a 3-mile round-trip path that winds through the woods along the edge of Lake Sagatagan to the Stella Maris Chapel. The trailhead was built by four monks and six volunteers using materials that came primarily from the Saint John's Arboretum. The main timbers came from white pines dating back as far as 1896 that were blown down during a windstorm in 2011. An ancient woodworking technique called mortise and tenon was used to construct the frame of the trailhead; the same technique was used for the ceiling of the Quadrangle.

The trailhead was blessed and dedicated during Saint John’s Outdoor University's Collegeville Colors event on October 4th, 2015.


Text drafted by Maria Schrupp, CSB '20