Digital Archives

Many wonderful resources from the CSB and SJU Archives are available online. All are linked from within the appropriate pages on the Archives’ websites, and are gathered here for the convenience of the remote user. They include:
Publications (non-book)
Visual resources and the Archivist’s “History Lessons”


Vivarium is the campuses’ digital repository.  It contains many of the archives’ resources itemized below, as well as other digital collections of St. Ben’s and St. John’s.

Books (and other things) about CSB and SJU

Many digitized resources are listed on the CSB History page, including The History of the College of St. Benedict from 1910-1957, as found in With Lamps Burning by Grace McDonald, O.S.B. and an essay, In League with the Future: The First Fifty Years

: Many digitized resources are listed on the SJU History page, including Worship and Work: Saint John’s Abbey and University 1856-1992, and works about its Benedictine heritage, natural history, forests, and athletics history. 
Lists of:
Administrators over the years CSB | SJU
Athletics: Blazer coaches at CSB
Awards made by the college and university CSB | SJU
Buildings and places on the campuses CSB | SJU
Commencement speakers CSB | SJU
Convocation speakers CSB | SJU
Sisters who were employed by CSB
Students in the early days of SJU (1857-1915)

Maps CSB | SJU

Photos CSB | SJU   

Publications (non-book) CSB | SJU  –  see also Student Newspapers

Visual resources
A Visual History of Saint Benedict’s and Saint John’s [PowerPoint]
A pictorial history of the two communities, emphasizing the first one hundred years.
College of Saint Benedict video (from a 1958 radio show, with photos added)
“Vignettes” PowerPoints –  Archivist Peggy Roske’s short CSB & SJU “History Lessons” on various topics