Political Science


Political Science Major

(10 course requirement – 40 credits)

  • POLS 111, POLS 121, POLS 180, POLS 221
  • One or more of POLS 222, POLS 223, and POLS 224
  • Four (4) additional POLS 300-level sequence courses plus a Senior Research Seminar
  • Comprehensive exam

Beginning with Summer 2015, the DC Summer Study internship experience for four (4) credits may not be used to satisfy one of the 300-level sequence course requirements.

Students are encouraged to participate in academic internships, Study Abroad programs and summer program opportunities for experiential learning. Note, however, that academic experiences and transferred courses may replace no more than ONE of the requirements for 300-level courses in the major. Programs of study are to be developed in consultation with a faculty advisor.

Political Science Minor

(5 course requirement – 20 credits)

  • either POLS 111 or 121;
  • one of the following: POLS 221, 222, 223 or 224;
  • and three (3) upper division courses within your focus area.
The Political Science Minor is 20 credits and may be taken with the following focuses:

Your course of study should be planned with the assistance of your faculty advisor.

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Dr. Whitney Court
Chair, Political Science Department
SJU Simons 146