The Selection Process
The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University’s Theta of Minnesota chapter uses a detailed selection process to invite students to join Phi Beta Kappa each spring; students cannot apply for membership. First, a Selection Committee made up of Resident Members (the chapter’s faculty and staff members) reviews the academic records of students who meet our requirements for membership. Using the selection criteria below, the committee develops a list of students they recommend for membership. The larger chapter discusses and votes on the Selection Committee’s recommendations before inviting students to join Phi Beta Kappa. Selected students typically receive invitations by March, and an induction ceremony for new members is held in April. 

Criteria for Membership
Theta of Minnesota looks for students who exhibit excellence in, and commitment to, the liberal arts. During the selection process, we consider a wide variety of indicators – not just GPA – that provide evidence of a student’s breadth of interests and pursuits, extracurricular activities, interest in other cultures or languages, and scholarship or creative activity:  

For further details, see Phi Beta Kappa’s Membership Eligibility Stipulations

Please note that membership is highly selective. Meeting minimum requirements does not automatically guarantee membership in the Phi Beta Kappa Society. If you are interested in Phi Beta Kappa we encourage you to contact one of the Theta of Minnesota Officers or Resident Members for more information.