Nordic Skiing at Saint John's

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Trail Descriptions

Note that trails have been assigned a directional designation and most are one-way to help make skiing safer for all.

Trail Closures

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Due to the wet summer and fall, there are sections of some trails that are closed because they are flooded in low spots. We have posted "Danger - Keep Out" signs at the entrance to those areas. Please heed those signs for your safety. The signs are posted at intersections along the loops so that you can continue on the trail safely without having to backtrack:

  • Trinity Loop: low spots on both the north and southeast sides of Cichy pond; low spot on the southern part of the loop near where the trail is parallel with Pine Knob
  • Zicke-Zacke: low/flooded section on the second, most northern loope (Zacke), you can still complete the Zicke extension and continue back to Pine Knob

Walkers on the ski trails...

While it is wonderful that people are out exercising in the woods of Saint John's we try to avoid having much foot traffic on the ski trail system.

  • If you must walk on the groomed ski trails, please walk on the edge of the ski trail opposite the classical track (the parallel tracks packed on one side of the trail).
  • The Boardwalk Loop, Logging Loop, the Chapel Trail, and the SE side of the Old Entrance Road are not groomed for skiing and are perfect for walking. View a Trail Map.
  • The woods and trails are plentiful for sharing. Thanks for your help keeping the ski trails great for skiing!

Support the ski trails...

The ski trails are part of Saint John's Abbey Arboretum. The land is owned by the monks of Saint John's Abbey and is generously made open for public use.

  • The ski trails are groomed for the benefit of the ski team, faculty, staff, students, members of the CSB and SJU communities, and Outdoor U members. All of the grooming is performed by volunteer efforts of a few individuals plus the help of a student employee.
  • We collect no trail fees. Join Saint John's Outdoor University as a member to support the ski trails.
  • By joining Outdoor U you will receive all the information and benefits of every member ( including a free introductory cross country ski lesson!) and can freely use the trails. You will also be supporting the ski trails and the grooming we do. On the application please indicate that you are a skier.