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Queer Proud Lavender Union for Students  

Queer Proud Lavender Union for Students  mission statement

QPLUS (Q+) offers a safe and brave space for students within the CSB/SJU institution that currently identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community as well as those who are questioning. We also serve as a safe space for allies and people who want to learn how to be better allies. We hope that through those spaces, members will feel welcomed, comforted, heard, and educated without fear of misplaced judgement. We host multiple events throughout the school year, aside from our biweekly meetings, to come together as a community and celebrate our culture. We also have great educational resources, some of which can be found via the link in the box at the top of this page there you can also find a form to sign up for our emailing list so that you can be out into the loop on upcoming events, meeting times, dates, and other ways to get involved. 

Here you can find a link to learn about our Advisory Board. 

Queer Proud Lavender Union for Students (Q PLUS) constitution 

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