Ana Conboy

Associate Professor of French

B.A. Biochemistry with French Minor, Bowdoin College, Maine
M.A. French Language and Civilization, New York University in Paris, France
Ph. D. French Literature and Language, Boston College, Massachusetts
Academic Interests: 17th Century French literature, Baroque and Classic literature and culture, Hagiographic theater, Metatheater and theater within theater, language pedagogy and linguistics


Conboy, Ana Fonseca. "Where Learning Begins: Lessons from a Pandemic." The French Review, vol. 94 no. 3, 2021, p. 15-20. Project MUSEdoi:10.1353/tfr.2021.0001.

Conboy, Ana. "La double salutation de Baro : Pratique théâtrale et théâtre irrégulier dans la (méta)théâtralité de Célinde". La Licorne : revue de langue et de littératures françaises (October 2018).

Conboy, Ana. “Voir l’audible, aspirer à l’invisible inaccessible : L’hypotypose comme adaptation aux règles classiques dans la dramaturgie hagiographique française du XVIIe siècle”.  L'Hypothypose: théorie et pratique de l'Antiquité à nos jours, ed. W. K. Pietrzak, Acta Universitatis Lodziensis, Folia Litteraria Romanica, 11, 2018.

Conboy, Ana, Esther Gimeno-Ugalde, and Alexandra Reuber. “Video-Conferencing in the Target Language Curriculum: Linguistic and Cultural Learning Guaranteed”. Strengthening World Language Education: Standards for Success, ed. R. Terry and R. Fox, NECTFL Review Special Issue 2017.

Conboy, Ana. Awakening Imagination: Glimpses of Ignatian Spirituality in Seventeenth-Century French Hagiographic Theatre, 2017.