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ChinaChinese Minor

The Chinese Language and Culture Program started in the fall of 1968 as part of the Tri-College East Asian Studies Program. It is one of the earliest Chinese language and culture programs in the state of Minnesota.

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Classics Major and Minor

Classics is the interdisciplinary study of the ancient Greek and Roman peoples and their interactions with other populations and cultures in the Mediterranean and Middle East. It is an attempt to understand the origins of western society through study of Greek and Latin languages, literature, history, archaeology, art, religion, and philosophy. Classics is fascinating and practical, and its students are capable and successful. They are agile, visionary thinkers and articulate, persuasive global citizens. Classics students are professionals who pursue multiple career paths. They become outstanding teachers, lawyers, elected officials, diplomats, writers, editors, journalists, education and arts administrators, museum curators, doctors, nurses, information technology specialists, and business professionals. Students may major and minor in Ancient Mediterranean Studies or Classical Languages tracks.

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English as a Second Language

The Languages and Cultures Department provides classes that fulfill the Global Language Proficiency requirement, including classes in English for eligible multilingual students. All students accepted to study at CSB and SJU are proficient in English. The courses we offer are advanced courses designed to strengthen the academic language and research skills expected in college classes.

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FranceFrench Major and Minor

The French studies program provides the environment and opportunity to develop, refine and perfect fluency in the French language while also examining the cultures and conditions of Francophone countries. Students will gain appreciation of literature, theater and cinema, with the French language as a common thread.

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GermanyGerman Major and Minor

With language as a tool for communication and comprehension, the German studies program explores culture, context and history. Students will find opportunities for intense language study as well as immersion abroad. The program is flexible, actively engaged with big ideas and focused on student success in and after college.

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JapanJapanese Minor

Through our Japanese language program, we aim for the simultaneous development of speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. From the start, students will learn hiragana, katakana, and kanji. In the classroom, we focus on enhancing students' oral proficiency through an extensive use of the spoken language, allowing for the development of accurate grammar and culturally-appropriate communication skills.

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