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Our students study abroad in Greece and Italy, act as Teaching Assistants, conduct collaborative research, and intern at the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library.

AMS is fascinating and practical, and its students are capable and successful. They are agile, visionary thinkers and articulate, persuasive global citizens. AMS students are professionals who pursue multiple career paths. They become outstanding teachers, lawyers, elected officials, diplomats, writers, editors, journalists, education and arts administrators, museum curators, doctors, nurses, information technology specialists, and business professionals.

Students may minor in Ancient Mediterranean Studies.

An Essential Minor

You deserve to stand out. You deserve to find your people, be part of a community that cares. You deserve to have fun. You deserve a liberal arts degree that’s truly interesting, has depth, will take you places, and you can finish, no problem.

Let us help!

Students can minor in Ancient Mediterranean Studies (AMS). It’s only 24 credits of interdisciplinary study, with options in Latin, literature, history, philosophy, religion, and archaeology and art. This degree is flexible! Did you know that if you choose Latin as your global language program and study abroad in Greece or Italy, you likely have an AMS minor already in the bag? Alternatively, a student minoring in AMS could focus entirely on intriguing courses instructed in English. We have a wealth of such courses. In this way, Latin is not a requirement—only a big opportunity!

Quick Facts

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Is AMS for you?

Do you wish you to be:

  • A deep intellectual who understands the interconnections of our world?
  • A creative problem-solver who can devise multiple solutions for a conundrum?
  • A language expert who understands others and is a master of self-expression?
  • An intercultural diplomat who is attuned to difference and thrives in its presence?

If so, you are in the right place!

Program Details

For this quintessential liberal arts experience, student takes 24 credits of AMS courses in any combination. They may include Latin (or Greek) language courses of any level and/or any of the numerous courses taught in English translation approved for AMS. These courses may be taken on campus at CSBSJU or abroad in our Greece and Italy programs. Students may apply up to two courses for another degree program at CSBSJU to an AMS minor.

Course Number Course Title Credits
CLAS 221 Golden Age of Athens 4 Credits
CLAS 223 Classical Mythology 4 Credits
CLAS 279A Scientific Etymology 4 Credits
CLAS 379A Grand Strategy 4 Credits
CLAS 379B Truth, Lies, & Fiction in Classical Literature 4 Credits
CLAS 399 Senior Capstone 2 Credits

Learning Goals

Our students are:

Deep intellectuals who understand the interconnections of our world.

Creative problem-solvers who can devise multiple solutions for a conundrum.

Language experts who understand others and are masters of self-expression.

Intercultural diplomats who are attuned to difference and thrive in its presence.


Your Ancient Mediterranean Studies professors come from different departments on campus, and each offers students a distinctive disciplinary perspective on the ancient Mediterranean and its environs. Together they provide a holistic program that is hard to beat.