Ancient Mediterranean Studies Minor

AMS is fascinating and practical, and its students are capable and successful. They are agile, visionary thinkers and articulate, persuasive global citizens. AMS students are professionals who pursue multiple career paths. They become outstanding teachers, lawyers, elected officials, diplomats, writers, editors, journalists, education and arts administrators, museum curators, doctors, nurses, information technology specialists, and business professionals.

French Studies

Course Number Course Title Credits
FREN 111 Introduction to the French Language 4 Credits
FREN 112 French Language and Culture I 4 Credits
FREN 211 French Language and Culture II 4 Credits

German Studies

Course Number Course Title Credits
GERM 111 Elementary German I 4 Credits
GERM 112 Elementary German II 4 Credits
GERM 211 Intermediate German 4 Credits

Latin Studies

Course Number Course Title Credits
LATN 111 Introduction to Latin I 4 Credits
LATN 112 Introduction to Latin II 4 Credits
LATN 211 Intermediate Latin 4 Credits