Financial Aid

The CSB/SJU Financial Aid Office is open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. During these hours students can turn in forms and have questions answered about financial aid or student employment.

Financial Aid offices are located on each campus:

  • CSB Financial Aid Office - Academic Services Building 103
  • SJU Financial Aid Office - Quad 154

To contact the Financial Aid Office via e-mail, phone, or to reach a specific staff member see the contact information.

*For information on the block schedule and financial aid, please see our policy page*

Not currently enrolled? Please read:

Financial Aid for Incoming Students

Financial aid policy updates under 20-21 block schedule:

Delayed disbursement of federal and state financial aid:

Disbursement or payment of federal and state aid for students not registered for first block will be delayed until about a week prior to 2 nd block.   

Revised “Return of Title IV (federal) funds” policy:

Students who receive federal financial aid and withdraw from CSB/SJU during the semester are subject to a required “return of federal aid” calculation.  More specifically, students who cease attendance during a course and are not attending another course at that time must  confirm attendance in a course beginning later in the semester.  If they do not, they are subject to the return of federal funds policy, and a calculation will be completed to determine how much of their federal aid is to be returned to the government.  If a student confirms attendance but does not return, a return of federal funds calculation will be completed.