Climate Studies Minor

The climate studies minor aims to provide students with a course of study that helps deepen knowledge about the climate crisis with applications and solutions derived from many academic disciplines. The minor can be integrated with – and complement – any existing major or future career.

No more than 4 credits may count toward another major or minor.

Quick Facts

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Required Core Courses: 14 credits (Foundations)
1. ENVR 150: Intro to Environmental Studies (4) (BN)
2. Natural Sciences (4)
3. Social Sciences (4)
4. ENVR 306: Global Climate Change Policy (2) (SW, TE3-JU)
Upper Division Electives: 6 credits
Part 1. Applications in diverse fields (4 credits)
Part 2. Integrating and Deepening Knowledge (2)

ENVR 305: United Nations Climate Change Conference (2 credits) (SW, TE3-JU)
Attends the U.N. climate negotiations, admission by competitive application process each February