Student Resources

Jobs, internships and volunteering are great ways to complement your education with skills and experience in an environmental field.

Job Opportunities

The list of possible environmental jobs and careers may be bigger and broader than you know. Our environmental jobs website can help you narrow down your options and our current jobs board can help you find existing opportunities.


All environmental studies majors are required to complete an internship for at least 1-credit. Our environmental studies internships page has a variety of resources to help you get started.

Undergraduate Research

Environmental studies majors gain crucial research experience, both during required coursework for the major and through opportunities for:

Graduate Programs

Environmental and sustainability-related advanced degrees span a variety of disciplines.

Career Paths

Want to pursue an ES major but you’re unsure of the direction you want to take? There are many different paths environmental studies majors can take due to the broad scope of curriculum offered in the major. Whether you’re interested in the science that drives environmental processes or the institutions that protect the environment, being an environmental studies major at CSB/SJU will help prepare you for the real world.


Volunteering is educational and can help build your resume by showing that you are self-motivated. Networking through volunteering can help land you a great job or internship (not to mention the value of the service you can provide to some great organizations!).

Gain Field Experience

There are many field studies, conservation studies and research environmental programs with an academic focus. Several ES majors have taken advantage of some of these great opportunities.

Preparing for Internships, Jobs or Grad School

Resources from XPD – Experience & Professional Development: