Why Study Climate Studies at CSB & SJU?

The climate studies minor invites students to focus specifically on the topic of climate change through a diverse range of disciplinary lenses. Climate studies and seeking to understand and craft solutions to the global climate crisis, is a quintessentially interdisciplinary field that complements any existing major of study or future career.

Programs Overview

Our climate studies minor allows students to dive deeper into the issues surrounding our world today. Through an interdisciplinary approach, students have the opportunity to experience courses not only from our environmental studies department, but also art, nutrition, economics, education, sociology, chemistry, political science, global business and communication departments.

United Nations Climate Change Conference

CSB+SJU is one of the only undergraduate programs who is able to send students to this annual international conference. Be one of the few college students who get to be inside the negotiations that could determine the fate of our collective future! Students typically attend one of the two weeks of the conference. Conduct original research at the COP and share your research with the CSB, SJU, and broader communities.