Art Major

Art Major with an Emphasis in Studio Art

(40 credits)

Common Art Major Requirements

(24 credits)
Foundations (10 credits)
  • ART 118 (4) Design: 2D/4D
  • ART 119 (4) Design: 3D/Drawing
  • ART 248 (2) Sophomore Topics (Spring Only)
  • Art History (8 credits)
  • ART 230 or ART260 (4) Art Moves I or Art Moves II 
  • ART 300 (4) Modern and Contemporary Art
Senior Thesis (6 credits)
  • ART 351 (4) Senior Studio Thesis (Fall Only)
  • 300 level studio pre or concurrently – strongly encouraged
    • *Prerequisites for ART 351: all 100 and 200 level requirements for the major.
  • ART 352 (2) Senior Studio Thesis II (Spring Only)
  • ART 355 Senior Studio Thesis/Exhibition (1) S/U grading only, *Art Ed students only

A senior exhibition is required for graduation.


(16 credits)
  • 200 are intro studio art classes.
  • 300 level courses may be repeated twice – the first time they are taught at the intermediate level, the second time they are at the advanced level. The art major only requires one 300 level studio art course, but all students must earn 40 upper division credits to graduate in general, therefore it is highly recommended to take these upper division credits in ART.
  • Of the 16 credits in Studio Art, at least 4 credits must be earned at the 300 level.
  • It is ideal for a student to take a 300 level studio art course in their choice area of emphasis during the fall of their senior year so that they may use this course to produce artwork for Senior Studio Thesis (also a required course in the fall of the senior year).
  • Allows for a student to largely individualize their art major.
  • Of the 16 elective credit requirements, 4 credits may be an additional art history, Internships count toward 4 credits outside of the major, or an approved course that falls outside of ART.
  • Students are encouraged to take more than 4 credits at the 300 level – a 300 level course is actually two courses: (1) Intermediate, (2) Advanced. So for example, if your emphasis is Photography, you could take ART 317 as Intermediate Photography the first time, then retake ART 317 as Advanced Photography a second time. All students must have 40 upper division credits in general to graduate.